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Romance Is in the Heir

The S6 arrive at the immunity challenge, in what has turned out to be another clue-free episode. Yay! Peachy explains that the challenge will consist of two rounds. In the first, they'll each have a slingshot and ten marbles. Labeled plates hang from trees, and their goal is to break as many of their own plates as they can. Each time they break a plate, they release a puck, which they will then claim and use on the Survivor shuffleboard. Peachy explains that the players' goal is to slide the puck closest to the center of the "x" on the board, before pointing out that a victory in this challenge will ensure the winner a one in five chance of winning the million.

In the first round, Matthew hits a plate, as does Jenna, who hams up a surprised reaction. In the next round, Christy hits one of her own, while Butch takes out a Jenna, giving her another point. To her credit, Jenna volunteers that she didn't score the winning hit. To her discredit, she smirks when Peachy reveals that it doesn't matter. More shots, more breaking plates. Rob announces, "I haven't broke [sic] this many plates since I was a waiter."

The round abruptly concludes, and Peachy orders them, "Gather your pucks!" We learn that Jenna and Butch each have five; HeiDDi has four; Christy has three; Rob has two; and Matthew has just one. Butch gets doubly screwed by drawing the first shot, becoming the first person to test the board as well as giving up the chance to knock the last puck off the board. His first shot is just okay.

Rob is second, and his puck falls way short, causing Peachy to announce that Rob's "gettin' the feel of the board." The rest of the tribe members chortle.

Christy also throws a far miss, about which Peachy speculates, "Strategy, or just a weak toss?"

Peachy points out Jenna's "big stack of pucks," before she knocks into Christy's puck in the process of slamming hers across the board. HeiDDi also hurtles hers.

Matthew has only one chance, and comes very close to the "X," but it's not for very long, as Butch is next and knocks him out.

Next commences a series of decent shots, followed by a series of better shots knocking them out, as well as horrible shots accidentally landing in good places. Soon, Matthew and Rob are out of pucks and presumably out of the game, while Christy keeps unsuccessfully experimenting with angled shots. Rob's suddenly back in it as HeiDDi knocks his puck closest to the "X"; he's protected by HeiDDi's puck, as well.

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