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Romance Is in the Heir

Butch confidently announces his plan to hit Jenna's puck out of the way and bounce back onto the "X," which is exactly what he does. Clearly, because he believes in himself.

Christy uses her last puck to knock Rob almost directly onto the "X," and then HeiDDi throws her last puck, leaving only Butch and Jenna still in the game.

Butch knocks HeiDDi right onto immunity, and Peachy announces that Jenna has one left, and will have to decide whether she wants to use it offensively or defensively. Jenna snits, "I have my own plan. Secret!" while Rob raises an eyebrow. Jenna knocks out both HeiDDi and Rob, landing directly on the "X." The others grudgingly clap, including a particularly disgruntled-looking HeiDDi.

It's now Day 33 at Jackée, and Rob stalks through the jungle, telling us that his stomach is in knots and he needs "a bottle of Maalox, a fifth of vodka...I need a pack of cigarettes -- make that a carton of cigarettes." Because he doesn't know what he's going to do! The strange new boing! boing! noises accompany him in the background.

Christy comfortably reclines in the shelter. By "comfortably," I mean "spread eagle and with hairy armpits on full display." Rob questions whether Christy still intends to vote for HeiDDi, and Christy responds, "I guess so." Rob disbelievingly asks, "You guess so?" She smugly responds that it's a question of whom she can get furthest with in order to be "the sole Survivor." Rob requests that she take a walk with him, and she agrees, during which she explains that she's not yet decided to vote with the girls, and that she'll only make her decision when the pen is in her hand. She also wants to see how Tribal Council goes, before enthusing that it's a matter of pride over how far she can go in the game. Christy's just a little too smug in this segment for my tastes. And apparently for Rob's tastes, too, as we find out momentarily. Christy claims that it's a hard thing for her to do, but she's enjoying it a little too much. In a close-up interview, Rob tells us that the threat of HeiDDi "defecting" weighs heavily on him, and that he's started considering "an alternative scenario."

We follow Rob over to HeiDDi as he proposes that they "make things really easy on everybody" and vote Christy out. HeiDDi questions, "You're willing to do that?" and an exasperated Rob responds that Christy's still up in the air. He worries that the women won't believe his vow to get rid of her, and HeiDDi responds that they'll just have to trust him. He responds that he'd be trusting her too, because if the women align themselves with Christy, his game is over. They bop fists in agreement. Rob hangs on a tree and calls it "crazy stuff" that he's back in Jenna's and HeiDDi's "good graces." He explains that they promised not to screw each other: "Let's see what happens." Meanwhile, we see Jenna stand up and ominously brush off her ass.

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