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Romance Is in the Heir

The members of Jackée hike and boat to Tribal Council, where Peachy stands at attention. He brings in the jury members, and Alex's mustache is significantly enhanced since the last time we saw him. And it's sprouted handlebars. He looks an awful lot like a Backstreet Boy. The greasy, blue-eyed one. Incidentally, the "greasy" in that sentence should be read with its proper pronunciation: "Greez-ee."

Peachy congratulates the S6 on lasting thirty-three days, which he deems "not bad." He asks if anyone is willing to fess up to surprise at making it so far, and they all raise their hands. Butch does too, but clearly only because he has to.

Peachy asks why Jenna doubted herself, and she responds, "Sometimes people just don't like you." She's judged all the time by "outside looks," and women don't take to her very well because she's so beautiful. They think of her as a "stupid model," and she can't help that. She claims that HeiDDi has had to work just as hard. These two should be counting their blessing their not judged on what's inside.

Peachy then turns the same question toward Rob, who responds, "Well, I was lucky in this game that I'm not I didn't have, um, handicaps like, uh, the girls found." Hee. Jenna and HeiDDi try to figure out if Rob's mocking them.

Peachy somehow draws from these responses the conclusion that there are two philosophies emerging in the game: play to win, or play to get as far as you can get. He asks whether Rob has considered both approaches, to which Rob emphatically responds, "No, Jeff." He insists that anything short of being the ultimate winner will be a letdown for him; it's all or nothing.

Jenna also came to win, but she won't do certain things to get they money. She won't stab friends in the back unless they stab her in the back first. She will, however, take all her clothes off for some peanut butter.

Christy doesn't know if there's a line she won't cross to win, but she's just realized that she has the potential to win a million dollars. She plans to try to "go all the way," and smugly adds, "And I think, honestly, right now, I think I am in the driver's seat. I make the final decisions." Even Peachy is shocked by Christy's sudden arrogance and asks, "Really?" Rob grins while Alex and Deena exchange curious looks on the jury.

Peachy turns back to Jenna, who shockingly announces that she's handing the immunity necklace to HeiDDi with the explanation, "Strategy. That's all I can say." Butch looks perplexed, while Rob is all head-snappy. HeiDDi can't get it around her neck fast enough as Peachy proclaims that everyone else's head -- including Jenna's -- is now on the chopping block for the night's vote.

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