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Romance Is in the Heir

As they head off to vote, HeiDDi can barely walk while bearing the weight of the lettuce-laden necklace. We don't see her vote, though.

Christy votes for Jenna: "Your wish has come true. You're going home. You're getting a shower. You're eating your food. Go look beautiful. Be happy. We don't need you." Hee.

Butch also votes for Jenna, claiming that it's nothing personal but that "the alliance is very strong" and that he's staying with it. It's all very Star Wars.

And that's all we see.

Peachy returns to announce the votes, and the first two are for Jenna, followed by three for Christy. Both women look nervous as Peachy reveals that the final vote is for Christy, the now teary-eyed eleventh member voted out of the Amazon. Christy's torch is extinguished, and she heads out without a backwards glance.

Rob is snickery as the jury looks perplexed. Peachy points out that Christy "obviously" came into Tribal Council feeling like she was in the power position, but that the others made sure she knew that wasn't the case. He compares it to Alex's ejection, claiming that there are now at least two members of the jury who feel betrayed by Rob. Peachy preaches that it's one thing to make the Final Two, but that it's another thing entirely to get the votes needed to win the million. I have never understood this argument; someone is winning the million no matter what. It's not like the jury actually gets to decide whether or not to award the million, which might be an interesting twist in coming seasons. ["I think his point is that you can get to the final two by screwing over everyone who ends up on the jury, but that it may end up biting you in the ass when your scheming gets your opponent the votes by default. At this point, if Rob were up against any of the other four people left in the final two, he would probably not have 'the votes needed to win the million' because they all hate his guts, and hate him more than anyone else; that's Jeff's point, I think." -- Wing Chun]

Next time on Survivor, skinny Butch does a dance, primarily with his knees and elbows. HeiDDi makes buckteeth. There's a fire at Jackée, and someone is to blame! Will the women turn on each other? Perhaps. Will HeiDDi and Jenna cover their mouths? Most certainly.

As the credits roll, Christy yelps that she's pissed off and didn't deserve to be voted off. But I'll contend that -- nice a person as she may be -- she got exactly what she deserved by not committing to a side. She laments ever having trusted any of the others, but leaves knowing she's a role model. She vows to make sure "those freakin' evil stepsisters of mine" don't win the money. And while she isn't quite a Drusilla or Anastasia, I'm not entirely convinced she's Cinderella, either.

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