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Drops of rain fall from tree branches on the morning of Day 31. Jenna is snuggled up to nasty-ass HeiDDi with the nasty-ass remains of the previous evening's Tribal Council sun on her face. As the other members of the tribe work around camp, Matthew explains that it poured rain for two hours the previous days, and that their shelter wasn't waterproofed. Because the roof wasn't properly constructed, rain leaked in, and everyone was miserable. He orders the other members of the tribe about how to slant the roof with the very clear instruction of "boom, boom, boom." I don't know why they don't put that on my IKEA manual. Matthew explains his plan to build another fire shelter right next to the one they have now, "but [to] use it for people." So his plan is to burn them all! It's all so clear now. He claims that it will be easy to construct a second such structure, because all they have to do is tie a couple poles together and "merely" stack some palm fronds. Butch warns them that the rain is coming, and a watchful Matthew kicks into military mode: "Okay! Palm fronds! Buckets up! Let's layer 'em! Right now!" As Matthew voice-overs that this "quick fix" is the morning's project, pouting HeiDDi dons her jacket and stomps around camp while doing nothing to help. The other tribe members scurry around in the rain, while Jenna and HeiDDi stand under cover and watch them. Jenna mutters, "Piss off," before telling us in an interview that she's not giving up because Rob stabbed her in the back, and that he'll eventually "have to pay." Preferably in peanut butter and chocolate.

Christy has joined HeiDDi and Jenna under the shelter, and happily announces that they just never know whom to trust in the game. HeiDDi flatly responds, "No. I never lied to you. Either." Christy is caught off-guard and stutters through her response that she never lied to HeiDDi, but that it is still ultimately part of the game. HeiDDi nods and agrees that they can't do anything about it, claiming that when she and Jenna are gone, Christy will be next to go. HeiDDi thinks it "sucks," but she clearly only means the part about her and Jenna being gone is what sucks. She interviews that when she woke up in the morning, she realized that she hadn't lasted out there for just thirty-one days to be "screwed over and just take it." HeiDDi asks why Christy's not mad that she's come this far only to have the men vote her out, and Christy agrees that it does make her mad, but asks how can she change it? HeiDDi explains that the women can either be voted out first, or decide to make it to the final three together. As HeiDDi continuing to plead her whiney case, she voice-overs that she knows Christy is the wild card, and it's "okay" if Christy makes it to the Final Four. How big of her. She adds that if she and Jenna can get HeiDDi to vote with them, they'll have a 50% chance of remaining in the game, whereas they'll have a "zero percent" chance of staying without Christy. HeiDDi commands Christy to think about it, insisting that it's her call before making a last plea for the women to finish in the top three. Christy noncommittally agrees to "see what happens."

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