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Romance Is in the Heir

Feet stomp through the mud, as Christy warns Rob to "watch out for big spiders." An ancient monkey looks on. Poor old toothless monkey. Rob smiles as he reveals that he had a long talk with Jenna and HeiDDi, who can't believe that Christy might last longer in the game than they. Christy puts her hands up in the air and exclaims, "Yes!" before insisting, "I want to. I really really want to." Except at first I think she's saying, "I want you. I really really want you," and I get very confused. She adds that she "seriously" deserves to outlast Jenna and HeiDDi, and that she sees it as her next challenge. Rob further explains that HeiDDi and Jenna think they've worked harder than Christy has; Christy responds that she hasn't even seen Jenna chop down a tree. She voice-overs that although she could go further in the game with the girls, she prefers the company of the honest and fun boys. In the conversation with Rob, Christy wears a royal blue shirt that emphasizes the color of her eyes, and she looks beautiful. In her interview, she wears her saggy, turquoise swimsuit, and the effect is less beautiful. Christy thinks it's funny that Jenna has approached her, insistently "need[ing] to talk." She mock-responds, "Now you need to talk to me?" pointing out that they could have considered her in the seventh grade when they were choosing dodgeball teams, but that they didn't, and now they actually expect to be on prom committee with her? Actually, she says they could have respected or considered her throughout the game, but that the whole thing is just so high school. In an interview, Christy wonders whether it's better to win a million or to "be the final girl that kicked butt." She gulpily giggles that it's a hard decision because she has all the power. The other men have joined Rob and Christy; Rob gleefully gloats as he and Christy pretend to spit on their hands and shake on it.

The tribe arrives at the challenge, where Peachy wears a blah gray shirt that does nothing for his nice blue eyes; his ears look particularly big in this segment, but I suspect that has less to do with the shirt and more to do with the fact that his ears are just big in. In any case, he explains that today's competition is a race to collect and assemble puzzle pieces. The S6 will race to grab four paddles from under a series of "sandy mounds." Hee. He said "sandy mounds" again. Because there are only four paddles and six competitors, two will be eliminated immediately. The remaining four will paddle out in canoes to color-coded boxes, where a trivia question will await them: "The bite of which Amazonian snake results in the most deaths?" The answer choices are anaconda, pit viper, vine snake, coral snake, or Richard Hatch. Each answer corresponds to a bag of puzzle pieces, which the competitors will take to one of two "puzzle stations" on land. Yes, Peachy said "puzzle stations." If the player correctly answered the trivia question, his or her puzzle pieces will be in stylish camouflage and will fit together. If the player incorrectly answered the question, his or her puzzle pieces will be in basic black. Peachy points out that since there are only two puzzle stations, as soon as the first two competitors have begun puzzling, the remaining players will be immediately eliminated. Peachy warns them that these are "Native Amazonian boats" and require balancing skills, further cautioning that if a player's boat sinks, the player will end up swimming: "You might want to think twice about that." The camera pans over to reveal a crocodile sliding into the water. As Peachy reiterates that the first person to complete the puzzle wins the reward, we see time-lapse photography of the puzzle completing itself. Peachy reveals that the reward is a visit from a loved one, and Jenna and HeiDDi cry and cover their mouths. What is with the mouth covering?

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