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Romance Is in the Heir

Matthew creepily talks himself through "one more forkful of beans and rice" before whispering about the quiet while his mother desperately looks around and hopes help will arrive soon. A single-file line of head-dressed men and women stomps through the jungle toward them before stomping around in a circle, chanting and playing recorders, pairing off, and stomping toward an idol in the center of their circle. Come on over baby, whole lotta stomping goin' on. Matthew interviews that "they put on an amazing performance," and emotionlessly tells us, "The dancing was hypnotic. The music was hypnotic." Clearly, he's still hypnotized. He tells us that he and his mom then "marched out" of the jungle and followed the same path back up to the water. We see them hugging and saying goodbye before Matthew helps his mom into the boat and wishes her a "great trip back." He voice-overs that it was an incredible experience for both of them, as their little green boats speed off in different directions.

Back at camp, Rob enthuses over the fact that they're hanging out like normal people. Jenna insists that they are normal, but that the game makes their behavior abnormal. Keep telling yourself that, Jenna. Rob interviews that he used the previous night to "kiss and make up" with the girls because he "knows[s] they hate [his] guts." He whines that they should remember all the fun they had together and not "all the bad things [he] did to them." He mocks, "I don't know why people dwell on the negative!" Rob caterwauls "We've Got Tonight," and HeiDDi murmurs, "Good song." And that's about all I need to know of HeiDDi. The drunken girls join in on "Why don't you stay?"

It's morning and time for more rain droplets. Rob looks around with bleary eyes as Matthew collects logs. Rob voice-overs that it's desirable in Survivor to "be standing next to somebody at the end that's more disagreeable than yourself." He planned for that person to be Matthew: "I thought that I would be able to beat him 'cause he's a spaz." After Matthew won the reward challenge and sacrificed his visit from home, however, things changed. Rob adds, "And for the record, everybody would've done that. It's not like this guy is the Patron Saint of Reward Challenges." He now wonders if Matt is beatable anymore, and speculates that he might have to "cut him off" before the Final Two.

A snake slithers up a tree as Rob tells Jenna that he thinks he can make the Final Two, but that he's done a lot of bad things along the way, and doesn't think he can ultimately win. He's thought it through, though, and offers to take Jenna along with him. Jenna awkwardly laughs before realizing that he's serious. Rob adds that Jenna has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way throughout the game, and that, although she'd get the votes of both HeiDDi and Alex, the other five jurors would be up for grabs. Jenna objects that Matthew would "probably definitely" go for Rob, until Rob points out that Rob would have to screw Matthew -- and Christy -- in the process of getting to the Final Two. Jenna agrees and plays with her mouth, before asking who will be targeted after HeiDDi. He stutters that he doesn’t want to reveal any more of his plans, because there's nothing preventing Jenna from running back to the tribe and sharing his proposition with the others. He then claims that even if Jenna did run back and tell them, all he's said is that Jenna is the only person he thinks he can beat.

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