Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

The sun beats down. It is later. Twila and Chris try to psych each other out by talking about the heat. And then, the ending develops. Twila bobbles on the stumps, and as she's trying to right herself, she lets the arrow go through the paper. At one hour and seven minutes, Chris takes home the final immunity. He pumps his fists at the sky. And then he hurls his Ohio State hat. No, not the Ohio State hat! Actually, it can probably get up on its own at this point and swim away. Twila looks at the ground and shakes her head, and then Jeff hands Chris the final immunity, as Chris tries to act grave. Jeff tells Chris that he has the afternoon to figure out whom he would like to take with him to F2. There is one more fist-pump before we leave the challenge site.

After the challenge, the final three return to camp in their boat, and Chris interviews that he's "still pretty shocked" to have walked away with immunity. "Long day," he says to Scout and Twila. "You're probably the toughest chick I've ever met," he tells Twila. Which would be nice, if he weren't already famous for all that "women are snarling cats" crap floating around in his head. I kind of wish she had punched him, because he would have deserved it. "I just question what your decision would have been if you'd won," he says as he hugs her. "No," she responds. "No, no." We then learn from a Twila interview that she and Chris have had an agreement about going all the way to F2. She says that she's not sure now what he'll do, because Chris might think that she tried to stay in the challenge in order to go forward with Scout instead. "But it's not true," she insists. Indeed, Chris interviews that Scout's decision to cheer for Twila made him suspect that Twila and Scout might have an arrangement about F2, or at least that Scout thinks she has a shot in that circumstance. In fact, he goes so far as to say, "I guarantee you they had a pact." And then he says that if he finds out that's true, he won't necessarily take Twila to F2. Of course, if that's true, and he would have changed his decision based on what he discovered about Scout and Twila's arrangements, he's not as good a player as I thought, because there is zero reason to figure that into his thinking at this point. The only thing you want to be considering is whom you think you can beat. This is no time to get back at people for making side deals.

Chris sits down with Scout and tries to look at her all intense-like, saying that he "need[s] [her] to be honest" about what's going on between her and Twila. "I don't know who I'm pickin'," he says meaningfully. "Did you and Twila have an agreement to go to the final two together?" Scout tells him no. She and Twila had an agreement to go to the final four, and an agreement to get rid of Eliza. And that's the span of the Scout/Twila alliance. Chris tells Scout that Twila told him the same thing -- that she had no deal with Scout -- and he didn't believe her. He then interviews that Scout's honesty surprised him, because Scout had to know that a different answer, even if false, could potentially have improved her odds of going to the end. Which I suppose is true, but...I'm not sure Scout would see any advantage in telling Chris a lie about this at this point, truthfully, even though Chris says that if Scout had told him they had a deal, "Twila would have been packing tonight, for sure." As to Scout, Chris says, "She's honest, and I respect her for that." He's going to grind her up like an allspice berry, but he respects her. He adds that some jurors will go on likeability, and some of them will go on game play, and he's not sure who will do what. I'm not even sure if he thinks he'll get the likeability people or the game play people. I suppose he's safe with the literalists who think Twila agreed to subject her son to human sacrifice, but that's about all I would count on. Chris and Twila share a hug, and in a tiny interview snippet, he says that he might just make his mind up at tribal council. Although...if Scout has now cleared up his one doubt, what's the problem?

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