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It's Totally About Integrity

But anyway, here we are, at the least interesting F3 tribal council ever. Because really...who cares? Especially about Scout. I mean, who cares? I suppose that's a failure on my part to get into the spirit, but...really. Anyway, the jury comes in. Eliza has had a chance to put some cover-up on that thing on her head, so we have a clear and uninterrupted view of her hairline-to-chin bitchface as she sits down behind Julie. Jeff opens the discussion by confronting Chris about the way he started trying to deal with Twila as soon as Scout was out. They have a sort of a stupid conversation about how Twila's quitting would have been a great deal for Chris. Again, I just hate the feeling that I have that this entire finale is made up of blander versions of things that have gone on in other finales. All of the attempts to make this "interesting," as here, where they're trying to make some kind of an adventurous point that it's easy for Chris to suggest that Twila drop out, and the fact that he wouldn't drop out instead means that they don't really have trust? I mean, we have this argument every season. Enough.

Anyway, Chris allows that Twila's very tough, and that he doesn't blame her for not quitting. Thank you, Chris. That's quite an insight. Jeff goes on to ask Chris whether he was "approached" after winning immunity, and just to make sure that nothing interesting happens, he says that he wasn't. They basically left him alone. Scout tells that she looooves everyone, so "there can't be a bad outcome in this game." Jeff asks Twila whether she thinks that a bad outcome is possible, and she says that it certainly is. Because she wants to win, and that's her focus, and that's the fact, Jack. "I don't want to settle for third," she says. Jeff asks Chris whether, in light of those differing reactions, it would be easier to boot Scout. It's kind of a dumb-ass question, because if you watch the dynamics, I actually think Chris is a lot more likely to get Twila's vote than Scout's, no matter how angry Twila might wind up about not being taken to F2. Scout is not going to give her vote to anybody but Twila in an F2 situation. Chris, at any rate, says that he admires Scout for having been willing to change the game for her benefit and others' benefit. He also admires Twila's tenacity and her willingness to do anything to win. But ultimately, he's only interested in his own ability to win, so reasonably enough, he plans to take whomever he can beat. Jeff goes through a big explanation of what the final vote from Chris means, in case you were thinking that Chris's chosen person would now be eligible for the National Spelling Bee. I don't want to say anything, but I think Jeff thinks you might be a little s-l-o-w.

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