Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

But anyway. Chris drops his lonely vote into the urn, and at least Jeff is kind enough not to say he's going to go and tally it. He pulls out the vote, which says...Scout. True to her word, Scout hugs everyone. She doesn't mind. The bitches on the jury all are shown looking happy that it was Scout, but I'm not sure they're thrilled that Twila got to stay, so I'm not sure what the point of that shot was. I would have been surprised if it had said "Twila" and they had all burst into tears. Scout walks off on her iron knee. Jeff talks about how the jurors hold everyone's fate in their hands, blah dee blah. And now, Chris and Twila have one night together, so there will be lots of nookie. Okay, not really. Wouldn't that be great, though? I'm thinking it would be impressively loud, with lots of swearing. Anyway, Scout exit-interviews that she's so proud of having changed the game and been loyal right up until it didn't benefit her anymore. And isn't that the best kind of loyalty? The kind the lasts up until the moment it competes with self-interest?

When we return, it is the last day. Day 39 at Alinta. Chris and Twila are rattling around camp by the fire, and Chris is marveling at the final pot of manioc he will ever prepare, and the last time he will probably eat it in his life. Chris is going low-carb, I think. Twila interviews that she's proud, and that once she turned things around for herself, it went great. She and Chris chat about how many people Twila pissed off in the game, and Chris counters that they weren't exactly "kissing [his] feet" late in the going, either. He interviews that he's "feeling stress," and for some reason says that he "never imagined" he'd have stress on this particular day. On million-dollar day? Dummy. Chris claims that he had planned to get up and just enjoy himself, but then he saw the opportunity to play the game some more. We watch as he engages Twila in a conversation about the jury, in which he tells her that he doesn't intend to take crap from the jury and encourages her to rip into the jury all she wants, because that's what he's doing. And if she doesn't see that coming from a mile away, the mental highways on which she is working have an obstructed view. Chris interviews, for the dumb people among you, that he's trying to get Twila to remind the jury just how pissed off they were at her. "I really don't know if I'm inclined to sit there and let them do that," he oh-so-craftily tells her, referring to his expectation that the jury will try to pound them both for being the last two. Very proud of himself, Chris interviews that, in fact, he has no intention of being rude to the jury. And it is here that I begin to think that Chris may be overthinking the situation.

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