Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

Unsurprisingly, Twila is not so interested in apologizing. Twila says that she was respectful to Eliza when Eliza was respectful to her, and not when she wasn't. Twila points out that she never said unkind things to Eliza until this week, and Eliza says that Twila nevertheless said horrible things "behind [her] back." Which really doesn't constitute talking to Eliza with disrespect, of course. "All I said was you talk too damn much, and you do!" Twila says, with growing impatience. Eliza insists that's not the only thing Twila said, and Twila claims that it is. Eliza gets all eye-rolly, but when Twila wants examples of other things she's supposed to have said, all Eliza can really come up with is Twila saying she didn't deserve to be there, which was said only at Jeff's urging and was said to Eliza's face, so...not a great argument, that one. When Twila continues to defend herself quite convincingly, Eliza snipes sarcastically, "Uh, is this an apology?" Yeah, that's not Eliza's proudest moment, there. When will people ever, ever learn that grace flatters every figure? Finally, Twila loses patience. "You think I'm a lying deceptive bitch?" Twila says. "Well, I think that you're a spoiled rotten little child." Not very politic, but it's hard for me to blame her at this point from a personal standpoint. Twila goes on to say that if Eliza doesn't think she owes Twila an apology, Twila doesn't think she owes Eliza one, either. Eliza smirks. I'm so torn about this, because on the one hand, letting your pride stop you from handing out a meaningless platitude is unforgivably dumb game play, but on the other hand, I'm always weirdly impressed by people who draw a line beyond which they decline to kiss ass. Because honestly, people who want you to kiss that much ass aren't going to vote for you anyway. Speaking of which, Chris has no such reticence where fanny-smooching is concerned, and he readily offers up his apology. He insists that he didn't mean to "do [Eliza] wrong," he just did the pact thing as strategy. And he's soooooo sorry. Eliza, sure that she just got away with something, sits down. Shut up, Eliza.

Julie is next. She gets up, already crying. Because she's so hurt. You know, about Chris. Julie says to Twila that she saw how Twila played, but really, her energy at this meeting is about Chris. She's either going to vote for Chris or against him, and it really won't have a lot to do with Twila. Fair enough. Twila nods with understanding, and Julie goes to Chris. She tells him that he approached her "as a friend," and asked her for help. And she helped him, even though she had nothing to gain. She goes on to say that he's the only person she allowed into a position to hurt her feelings. Bleh. Anyway, so now she's hurt. She again brings up the "we were like brother and sister" thing, and she asks him why he had to use their friendship to convince her he was going to save her when he wasn't. Chris says that it was his hardest vote. He tells her that at the time, he wasn't screwing with her -- he intended to go through with it, and he just...didn't. He admits that he lied to her, and he tells her he "can't take it back." She then says that she wants to know when he started "playing" her, because she thought their friendship was all real and stuff. He insists to her that he didn't play her at any point, even though he lied to her. "I let my heart get in the way," he says. He tries to appear to be fighting tears as he says, "I decided at the booth...I played the game." He is totally yanking hairs out of his thigh to make himself cry. He apologizes to her, too, and he tells her that he'll understand if she blows him off, but that he really did care about her.

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