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It's Totally About Integrity

Scout talks to Twila about how long they've been together, and then she turns to Chris. She tells him that she knows his true nature, and she knows how he reacted when all of these people were voted off. Scout tells Twila that "to [her] credit, [she's] not able to bullshit." And then there's something about "speak your truth" blah blah blah. "And Chris," Scout says gravely, "you are in bullshit up to your ears." I would have admired that remark a lot more, I have to say, if Scout herself were a nicer person. Because she's not, and her only point is pretty transparently to make herself look cool, so I'll leave her to it. But one thing is worth mentioning -- Scout is basically falling for Chris's shit, just in a different way. Because she's forgetting that when he acted like he agreed with her and Twila about how great it was to, for instance, boot Eliza, he was probably playing them. It's not necessarily that he's lying to Eliza about feeling conflicted, but Scout is basically so very snowed that she assumes that Chris told her the truth about his reactions and lied to Eliza. See? She's so snowed she doesn't even see the flakes. And I do mean, in this instance, "flakes."

Jeff thanks the jury for its usual sack of self-aggrandizing bullshit, and then Chris and Twila get some time to think about what they'd like to say to the jury. Other than, presumably, "Thanks for your self-aggrandizing bullshit," which will not make people vote for you.

Twila is first. Her first order of business is to tell everyone that she didn't intend to lie to anyone, and that's not her usual personality. "My word is good," she says, referring to her regular life, and not to Survivor, where no one's word is any good. She swears that the only thing she cared about was improving her life, and that she didn't care about anyone's feelings. Which, for some reason, she feels bad about, even though it's exactly what the game is. She makes her "people kill for less" point again, and tells Sarge with a lot of dignity and restraint, in one of the few moments in the episode I liked, that he doesn't really have to "rub it in": "You don't have to make me feel any lower than what I already feel for doing what I did." She pauses. "You don't that's bothering me," she says, and she legitimately is near tears. "I highly respect you, and to hear you say that just kills me." She starts to cry as she says she apologizes to everyone. And now Ami is crying, too, because this is exactly the kind of soft-focus BS that she likes to think she's all about. I am not impressed. Twila says that the game wound up playing her, blah blah, so she's the usual victim of circumstance. She swears that if she could do right by everybody, she would: "That's all."

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