Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

Eliza, in spite of the fact that she doesn't really need to defend how "deserving" she is to Twila, decides to continue and thus validate this silly line of reasoning by countering that perhaps Twila herself doesn't deserve to be there. Her problem being that she doesn't seem to know why not. "At least I played the game and worked hard," Twila says sharply as she continues to prepare for bed. "Working hard is not necessarily playing the game," Eliza says with the mysterious tone that a remark can only muster if it has high intelligence or a total absence of content. Eliza goes on to argue that it's more important to have energy at challenges, and points out that she has emerged victorious in a couple of noteworthy instances, so maybe she knows what she's doing. Twila gets frustrated at Eliza for abruptly making a good argument, and snots that Eliza of course has plenty of energy, since she doesn't work around camp. Eliza's response has lots of squeaky sputtering in it, but it amounts to "Well, duh." "If you conserved your energy," Eliza says, growing squeakier by the minute, "maybe you could do better at challenges." And then the music comes to a halt, and there is literally chirping, and then Eliza adds, "Probably not, but maybe." Heh. Twila throws in a sarcastic "Probably not; you're right," because she can't think of anything else. Repetition is the last refuge of the gobsmacked. "The only reason you're here, Eliza, is because everybody's used you up to this point," Twila says, finally gathering her thoughts. Well, Twila, you can tell that to Sandra, who's entire million-dollar-winning philosophy was, "Use me! Use me!"

Later, around the fire with only Chris, Eliza says that Twila is "a dumb bitch." Which, if it doesn't go well for her, will sort of make her a dumb bitch's bitch, so I'm not sure why she went in that direction. She laments to Chris that she can't stand the idea of seeing either Scout or Twila in the final two. Eliza questions Chris about whether he's going to stick with an alliance to her, and he assures her that what he did with Julie was for the benefit of their alliance. Would he lie to her? You know...again? He also reminds Eliza that Julie wasn't exactly concerned about Eliza when it was Julie's neck at stake. "She voted for you," Chris says. "Remember?" Well -- well -- Eliza's not concerned about Julie right now, but nice doubletalk, there, My Pretty Ponytail. Eliza hesitates again. "Ye of little faith," Chris says with some disappointment. "Why don't you just put a little bit of faith in the person you aligned with?" Eliza starts to ask what they're going to do about F4, and whether he thinks they can get Twila or Scout to turn on the other, which is obviously the problem with this plan and obviously the reason it probably won't go the way Chris is telling her it will, and Chris tells Eliza that now isn't the time to discuss it. And because Eliza is not as smart as she sometimes seems any more than she is as dumb as she sometimes seems, she lets it go at that. Chris interviews that he hasn't thought much of the women in the tribe since he wound up the only guy with six of them. He adds that he finds that the fact that Eliza and Twila can't stand each other makes life interesting. Because Chris loves the chick fighting. And...volcano!

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