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It's Totally About Integrity

And now, on to Chris. He first says that Scout certainly did call him out. He gets in a dig, however, when he says that it makes him realize that "you can't bullshit a bullshitter." In other words, the jury should probably not believe that everything out of Scout's mouth about Chris's reactions is accurate, either. He goes on to tell Julie that the only thing he cares about is that they can still be friends, and he doesn't care whom she votes for, either. "I'd just like to mend some fences," he says. So he brought her hat for her. Yeah, he wants the million, but she can have her hat. She smiles demurely. I am hoping that she is barfing on the inside. Chris now turns to Eliza, saying that he agrees that he owed her an apology. He says that what happened with her and Julie makes him feel undeserving. "And that's no bullshit," he insists, as if he would tell her if it were. He tells Ami and Leann, basically, "Sucks for you, talk to Twila about your gripes." And then he concludes by saying that no matter how they vote, Chad and Sarge are his friends. Boy power!

Jeff says that now, it's time to vote. Thank God. And as we've learned a million times, rather than voting anybody off, you vote for who you want to win. Sarge and his giant Puerto Rican flag shirt that looks like he got it from the JC Penney Made In America With Buttons From Taiwan Free Trade Collection are the first to vote. And Sarge votes for...Chris, complete with a drawing of a little NASCAR flag. "Psych," he says, holding up his vote. Heh. "I had to know where our friendship stood." And I kind of get that, actually, even though I'm so pissed about how he treated Twila that I can't fully enjoy it. Leann votes. Scout votes for Twila, thanking her for the experience and the alliance, whatever. "I love you," she adds. Bleh. Julie votes. Eliza votes for Chris. "You definitely screwed me over, and you definitely hurt my feelings," she says. "But ultimately, I like you better." Hee hee. I loved that answer. She almost recovered a tiny amount of my affection after her stupid demands for apologies. Chad votes. Ami votes for Twila, saying that because Twila spoke from her heart, she's getting Ami's vote. She so totally would. Because she thinks it makes her look good, and because it's so "shocking," it puts the focus back on her and guarantees that she'll be asked about her vote. Jeff goes to get the urn.

And when he returns, he tells us how they'll all just have to wait until we get back to the States to find out what happened, because he now has the opportunity, unlike the rest of us, to escape these people for a period of time.

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