Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

Back at camp, Chris points out that it's a beautiful day, after acknowledging that it's easy for him to say so, what with winning and all. He interviews that he "needed [immunity] bad." He then returns to his now-boring "last man standing" theme one more time, because it's only been stale for about three weeks, and when it comes to compelling dynamics, nobody can get enough of Lone Man Against A Tribe Of Angry Broads. That's why it's featured in many of the universe's great paintings. He voices over that, at this point, the alliances that have been formed throughout the course of the game have little meaning, but you'd never know it from the footage of him, Scout, and Twila sharing a big pre-tribal-council hug. Scout prattles to Chris about how she's waited for the day when they could be the final three -- and, presumably, the day when they could hose Eliza. "It's gonna happen tonight," Chris says. Twila smirks in an interview about how she "want[s] to gloat" about getting rid of Eliza tonight. She then laughs to Chris about whether this means she doesn't need to pack a bag. Chris interviews that Twila bugs the crap out of him sometimes, so he was trying to keep her calm all day. And in what I think is actually one of his better maneuvers, Chris tells Twila that he thinks she should wait until just before tribal council and then just gloat all over Eliza about how she's going home. While this is a good idea, it is not an especially subtle one, and to her credit, Twila sees right through it and says in an interview that Chris just wants her to piss everyone off so that they vote for him. Hee. That sequence was one of the few that made them both seem deserving of where they eventually wound up.

Chris now has a conversation with Scout in which he recalls that she originally approached him with some kind of a plan. I'm not sure there's much point to this conversation except for them to stand around cementing their mutual loyalty. I hate cementing. Scout tells him that she wanted to play the game with him from the day they met. Apparently, Chris is not as excited about playing the game with Scout, considering that he then laments in an interview needing to "put up with three women all afternoon." I'm telling you, his fiancée must be so proud at moments like that. She must hope all their babies are girls.

Chris heads off for a talk with Eliza, where he assures her that the two of them will vote for Twila and force the tie, and then "whatever happens, happens." Eliza grins. Her hickeyette winks in the Vanuatu sunlight. Chris tells Eliza in a voice he hopes sounds good and gloaty that Scout and Twila have no idea what's coming, because he's never let on to them that he has an alliance with her. Eliza interviews that she feels fortunate to be in the final four with "someone that I feel that I can put all my trust into." Namely, Chris. And apparently, the fact that he is lying to Twila and Scout doesn't really bother her. You'd think he would think it was really mean, considering how she's going to act later, wouldn't you? She smiles and preens as she voices over that neither of them will be voting against the other. You'd think she'd get the vibe of herself being all Marcia Brady, "I'm beautiful and noble," brushing her hair in the mirror. And, you know, maybe stop being so snotty before she winds up playing Juliet's mother. But no, we then watch as Eliza chats with Scout and tells her that she should try to get in with Chris and make some kind of a deal, because Twila already is, and Eliza would rather see Scout and Chris in the final two than Twila. So...I guess that's supposed to be some kind of a fake-out where, in Eliza's mind, she's fooling Scout into thinking that Eliza is resigned to her fate? This is getting so tricky. When Eliza "teases" Scout about joining up with her against Twila, Scout "teases" that she's considered it. Is this supposed to be exciting? This is like watching two heads of lettuce play canasta.

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