Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

Jeff asks Twila if she ever looks back and wonders whether she was "a little rough" on a particular day. She begins her campaign for jury votes by saying, "Most definitely." She says she's made "major mistakes," and Ami gives the first patented Ami eye-roll of the evening. God, other people are so uninteresting. And they don't have integrity, and they smell bad. Twila gently tries to take a swat at the elephant in the room by bringing up her decision to swear on her son, which she knows the bastards on the jury are still holding against her. She describes herself as "very ashamed," but says she can't undo it. Jeff asks Twila what she thinks James will have to say about being sworn upon, and basically, she laughs that if she wins, he won't care. Which, of course, the stupid jurors sit there looking all condemning about, but if your mother worked the kind of hours Twila apparently does and had been taking care of you all your life, you'd be a pretty big dickhead if you didn't forgive her for a single misstep, and you would indeed want her to win, because it would mean she wouldn't have to knock herself on her ass twenty-six hours a day anymore. In other words? Cram your sanctimony, Sarge. Twila repeats, at any rate, that she certainly shouldn't have done it. So are we clear on that? She regrets it? Oh, good.

Jeff asks Chris whether he's giving up immunity -- after telling him that he would be "a fool" if he did -- and Chris (obviously) chooses to keep it. Jeff sends people off to vote. Eliza votes for Twila. "Twila, I am voting for you for the third time this game," she says. "You're like the cockroach that won't die under the refrigerator. Hopefully, you're going home tonight." I think something went wrong with that cockroach metaphor somewhere around "refrigerator," but that's all right. Scout votes. Twila votes for Eliza. "You have drove [sic] me crazy from day one. If you go home tonight, it's going to be the happiest night since I've been here. You've got a lot of growing up to do." I love the sisterhood, don't you? Chicks rule! Boys drool! Chris votes.

Jeff goes for the urn. First vote, Eliza. Second vote, Twila. Third, Eliza. Fourth...Eliza. Eliza turns around and tries to give Chris the evil eye. Chris is un-evil-eye-able. Twila smirks, and then she actually grins with teeth and hunches up her shoulders, all happy. Which is probably a little much. Eliza walks over to Jeff and is snuffed. And I was kind of sad, because I was enjoying Eliza's plucky and highly unlikely race to the end. Except when she was sort of a bitch. But sometimes that was good, too. Anyway. Farewell, Eliza. Get that thing looked at. She turns around and looks at Chris one more time, and he makes a face that I hope was edited in from elsewhere, because it's basically a gratuitous fuck-off shrug, and I would hate to think he lost his judgment enough to make that face at her right after she was eliminated and before she voted. Eliza walks off. Jeff tells the remaining three that they'll do one more challenge tomorrow, and then it will be time for the winner to take somebody to F2. In her adios interview, Eliza discusses how "shocked" she was that Chris voted her out. "Turns out I did not have a single ally this entire game," she says. Meaning someone who would put aside their own interests in favor of yours? No. No, you probably didn't. Marathon runners have the same problem when they discover everybody's always trying to, like, pass them and stuff.

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