Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

Back at camp after tribal council on Night 37, Twila crows to Chris about the look Eliza gave him, and he says, "I don't know what her problem is," because of course, he doesn't want to admit that he had professed to have an alliance with Eliza all along. "I just stick with my alliance; that's all I do." So for future reference -- specifically Scout's -- Chris's reaction to Eliza's booting is probably not genuine. If he felt bad about it, he wouldn't let on to Scout, because why would you tell her you had divided loyalties? I'm just saying, it's worth noting. Scout goes on to brag about the "merciful God" that has provided that Eliza will not be "running her mouth" anymore. I think that's it exactly -- God hates Eliza for talking too much. Scout interviews, with an overdose of self-satisfaction, that the night is great because it's so quiet without Eliza. As the final three contestants stare up at the sky, Twila happily says that getting rid of Eliza was "like getting a thorn out of your foot." Or an infected pimple off your forehead. They admire all the stars in the sky, and then Chris interviews that he never anticipated playing the game like a mean, lying bastard, but it's really your only choice. "Going back home with a million bucks?" he muses. "That'll change your life." Wow, that is deep. Sappy music plays, because this show is all about changing your life in positive ways.

Sunrise. Day 38. Majestic music. This is the day I hate the most, because Jeff is coming, and he is bringing news that today is the day we do the March of the Dead Survivors. He comes up on the shore and tells them that he's sure they remember the story of Roy Mata. He reminds them about the burial on the taboo island, and then breaks the news that said taboo island is the one they've been staring at just across the way. It's considered the most sacred place in Vanuatu, and that's where they'll go over and look at all the torches from those they've left behind, giving the opportunity to fill even more time with even more clips. Because that's what a sacred place is for, really -- killing time between commercials. After recalling the people they didn't like and, in many cases, barely remember, they'll go to Roy Mata's burial site and "make an offering." Wow, and they're supposed to come up with "something of value." They're really going to have to crack open their best paint and coconuts for this. Twila tells us that the day will be both happy and sad. Thanks for clearing that up, Twila.

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