Spirits And The Final Four

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It's Totally About Integrity

The group paddles over toward the Island of Sacred Camera Setups. When they get there, they walk up the beach and head for the first torch. Brook. Remember Brook? Yeah, me neither. And nobody has anything to say about him at all, literally. They're like, "Oh, Brook. That was a guy, right? What's up with that? That's a chick's name." But that doesn't stop Brook from bragging in his little interview about his incredibly demanding...three-day experience.

Twila calls Dolly "very personable," and compliments her lovely eyes. Dolly reflects on her indecisiveness and how it kicked her ass. Poor Dolly. I think she feels sheepish.

John P. says that the experience will change the way he looks at things. Because now, he'll be looking at them from his seat at the Really Really Big Table Of Slightly Famous People In L.A. That You Totally Recognize From Something But You Can't Figure Out What It Is But It Might Be Elimidate. In the first of several extremely funny snark-ass edits in the Dead Survivor sequence, John P.'s comments about appreciating other people "emotionally" are played over footage of his incredibly uncomfortable attempts to navigate the hugging challenge without hugging any other boys. That edit cannot be an accident, and it was as funny as all hell.

Mia says that she usually gets along with people, but she didn't in this case, because she's Italian. Great excuse. Very convincing. ["Yeah, don't drag the rest of us down with you just because you're an unpleasant biznatch." -- Wing Chun]

And then...oh, Brady. Brady, Brady. Why couldn't we be together longer? He says that he's not sure he could have done anything different, and I'm sure he couldn't do anything to make himself stay longer in the game, although more nudity during his limited tenure would have really been appreciated by those of us in the cheap seats. And really, if you have the right frame of mind, every seat is cheap.

Bubba is declared "awesome" by Chris, and then Bubba tells us that he learned all about himself. Or something. And what he learned is that Bob Barker isn't attractive enough to wear on your belly for weeks.

Lisa is still mad about the fact that her one comment got her thrown out of the game. "At least I went out with my word," she says. Because when all else fails, there is always moral self-congratulation to fall back on.

John K. explains that he's kind of pissed that he didn't win. Yes, that's all he has to say, reflections-wise.

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