Starvation And Lunacy

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As Ruth Marie and Sally pick up snails, Sally laments her situation and her lack of power in it. "It's like the almighty men are upstairs plotting, and us little women are just down here going, 'I wonder what they're gonna do!'" She is so right, and that's exactly why this is all so icky. For her part, Ruth Marie declares herself neither confident nor paranoid. Shane, of course, is both. Ruth Marie says that Sally is going unless there is a change of plans. Austin says that Dan is still campaigning to save Ruth Marie, though it's not clear quite when that interview happened.

Tribal council. Jeff welcomes everyone, and starts off by asking Terry about Exile Island. Terry talks about the minimal supplies, and the "unique experience." Jeff asks Sally whether they asked Terry about the idol, and she says that they talked about it, but acknowledges that Terry didn't really say either that he found it or that he didn't find it. Jeff asks Austin what he missed about Terry, and Austin talks about how Terry is a "natural leader." They like it when he's in charge. Jeff then asks about individual challenge performance, and points out that Sally "dominated." She says that she always gives everything she has in challenges. She loves to compete, and she hates losing. Jeff asks Austin whether he's made any mistakes in the first eleven days, and Austin says that he poured the water too slowly ("like my grandmother") at the end of the challenge, not realizing that both tribes had enough at that point to finish.

Jeff asks Ruth Marie what holds her back, and she says that she's small, and she's twice as old as Sally. She does feel like she's proved herself, though. Jeff then asks Sally how she felt about having Misty go when she wasn't expecting it. Sally admits that she was surprised. "I was the only one who didn't know what was going on," she says, a little weakly. Asked whether she knows what's going on tonight, she declares it "hard to say." She says that she wants to stay, but notes that everyone else wants to stay, too. Jeff asks Ruth Marie what the tribe will miss tomorrow if she goes tonight. She gives a thoughtful answer, which is that they might not miss her tomorrow, but that they'll miss her steadiness and loyalty [zing!] over time.

Jeff reminds the group that Terry is the only one who might reveal the idol after the voting. Austin votes. Terry votes. Sally votes for Ruth Marie. "It's probably going to be you or me tonight, girl, so...I'll miss you." That was nice. Dan votes. Ruth Marie votes for Sally: "Sally, I adore you. But I'm voting my alliance." Nick votes.

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