Starvation And Lunacy

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Jeff returns with the votes. The first is for Ruth Marie. The second is for Sally, with a heart. The third is for Ruth Marie, the fourth is for Sally. Fifth is for Ruth Marie. Sixth is...Ruth Marie. She turns back to her tribe, and she holds her fist out, and they all put their fists in to meet her. That's nice. It's like...she's unhappy, but she gets it, and this game would be a lot more fun if more people got it. She is snuffed. Nice lady, but that's the right call. Nicely, as she leaves, she turns and blows a kiss, and they all reach a hand out in response.

I'm so pissed off that Shane is still playing.

Anyway. Jeff talks about how they seem to have a positive attitude and can still turn it around, and he sends them back to camp.

Next week: La Mina is on its last legs. Courtney is interrupting the Zen garden. Disaster swamps Casaya, which it deserves.

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