Starvation And Lunacy

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Terry is dragging water out of the well as the other guys look on. They discuss the need for a fifth person. Dan reports that he has actually already promised this spot to Ruth Marie, and Terry says that's fine with him. Terry interviews that there are four guys together, and then Ruth Marie is "kind of a fifth." Uh-huh. "Kind of." He thinks their alliance will get to the merge. Terry totally has that Dread Pirate Roberts thing happening, like, "I will let you live...for now." When a pirate does it, it's pretty cool, but coming from Terry, it bugs.

At Casaya on Day 9, Shane is collecting snails with Aras and Bruce. Aras lectureviews that while they were out working, they looked back and saw Courtney doing yoga. How dare she! Aras explains that "some people don't realize what being on an island by yourself means." Oh, how I always hate this argument. It's not like yoga takes all day. I hate it when people chalk up to laziness what's actually scheduling. The fact that somebody else is not working while you are working doesn't automatically mean she's not doing any work, and the fact that she doesn't work in a way you're capable of noticing -- like doing yoga -- rather than in a way that's just inert -- like sitting around yammering about Thinking Seats -- doesn't make you superior. I'm not saying Courtney never slacks, but if she does, it's not because she takes a few minutes to do yoga. They don't exactly have a punishing schedule.

When the guys get back to camp, the fire is failing, which Courtney says was the case when she got here as well, and she's working on poking it back to life. There is also unhappiness at the fact that Chiclets is sleeping. Again, I hate it when people get judgmental about sleeping. If you're asleep, you're asleep. You wake up when you wake up, and unless somebody wants to wake you up, the mere fact that you didn't wake up on your own cannot possibly mean you're lazy. Nobody's got an alarm clock, so how can still being asleep be a reflection on your character? At any rate, Aras announces, "We've got to talk about effort at camp." I would remind you here, by the way, that we have already seen Courtney doing a fair amount of fire-tending and water-boiling, and we have seen Cirie gathering wood, and there is no indication that, up until this point, the women have refused to work. But here we are, with Aras delivering a goddamn lecture about "effort," as if he's the counselor. I am really beginning to despise him, and it goes right back to that fuckwit moment when he tried to make Cirie and Melinda feel guilty about not being willing to agree to leave voluntarily. He's just your basic self-important yoga dink, and there is very little that's more distasteful to me than that. Instead of announcing that we're going to discuss Effort, a/k/a Your Character, why not just say you need to talk about ways to make sure the fucking fire doesn't go out? Does it require three guys to hunt snails? I realize they can put up a pretty mean fight when you try to wrestle them to the ground, but these guys didn't exactly kill a buffalo and bring it back on a pole.

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