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Anyway, this is where Shane gives his lecture about how Terry will return from Exile Island a weak and broken man. "Terry's in hell," Shane declares.

Exile Island. You knew that cut was coming. Terry climbs to the top of the skull-shaped playhouse, and he reads the idol clues to which he has access. The new one says that the idol is under a rock. It looks like the one Bruce got last time said that the idol is underground. Then, there are the "above the tide line" clue and, of course, the written version of Misty's original clue, which uses the word "why" repeatedly and puts it in quotes. As Terry stares at the word "why," he repeats it a couple of times, and then he looks around, and then his eyes settle on a very prominent, very Y-shaped tree. You can't get anything past him, man. The only thing that would have been better would have been creating a voice-over with an echo, so that we could hear "Why (why, why, why)...why (why, why, why)..." before they showed the tree.

Behold the owl, how he is smarter than most of the people he will see over the next month.

Terry finds a rock right near the Y tree, and he pries it up. He starts to dig. Before long, he uncovers a buried box. "This doesn't belong in the Panamanian jungles," he observes. Sharp as a tack, Terry. In the box, there is a bottle, and it comes with instructions to break it and remove the idol. He does. And then he lights a fire, Bruce, and he explains that finding the idol obviously makes it completely worth it that he dragged his ass out here: "They ended up doing me a big favor." No kidding.

Casaya, Day 11. The fire is out. Hey, how did that happen with all those strong boys there? Do we need to engage feminist process and get "general feelings" about how we let the fire go out? Shane and Aras decide that the fire pit should be closer to the shelter, and it is Cirie who starts digging. "I feel like if Shane pushes for something, it happens, or if I push for something, it happens, and Cirie works her butt off," Aras observes. But, he claims there are a lot of people in the tribe who are sort of "meh." And by "a lot," he means "Chiclets and President Beefcake," apparently, because we have seen Courtney work far too much for that not to be crap as applied to her. Indeed, Cirie digs while Chiclets watches.

Shane walks over. "[Chiclets], why do you have such an aversion to working?" he asks her. "That's nice," she says, which is not going to be recorded in the annals of great comebacks. I'm kind of rooting for no one here, because she pissed me off with "gentleman" and some of her other nonsense, but then...he is himself. ["And I really, truly fail to see the benefit to him of being this confrontational this early, except to wave his dick around." -- Wing Chun] Shane then does my least favorite thing, by saying, "I'm just telling you, because I think everyone has the same opinion." People who do that are such wimps. Just say it's your opinion, Shane. That should be good enough. "[President Beefcake], too, huh?" asks Chiclets, snorting, "He does a lot." Shane says that they're not talking about P. Beefcake; they're talking about her. Why is she trying to talk about things that aren't what Shane wants to talk about? Just because he said everyone had the same opinion doesn't mean Chiclets is allowed to point out that everyone probably doesn't. Get with the program, Chiclets! Having had enough lecturing, Chiclets says, "If you're going to be a dick about it, then, whatever." Heh. Cirie grins as she stares at the ground, which I love. Chiclets interviews that she was a sports captain (objection! Irrelevant!), and that when people are demeaning, you don't want to help them. Of course, doing your share of work isn't really "helping" other people on your tribe so much as it is not being a lazy-ass, but she's right that assholes aren't very motivating. Unless you're being motivated to seek revenge on them, I guess. I've been known to be very motivated under those circumstances.

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