Starvation And Lunacy

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Shane looks to the tribe for support, and Aras agrees with him. Chiclets confronts Shane, asking him what exactly he does; whether he gets water or whatever. She only ever sees him boss other people around about the fire. Listen to Shane's response: "I hunt every day." HA HA HA HA, he's talking about picking up snails! HA HA HA HA! "I go and get as much wood as you do, I find...whatever." Great defense! He's ready to join the debate team! Meanwhile, Chiclets says that she gets wood, gets water, and helps collect snails, so she has no idea what Shane's problem is. And then you can tell that she's right and he's full of shit, because he says, "[Chiclets], we're not going to have this discussion." Oh, Daddy, can't we please have it? Oh, can't we please? Chiclets says that they are going to have it, because Shane is insulting her. He insists that everyone agrees with him: "And everyone here won't tell you, because they're afraid to tell you the truth!" Oh, him! I Speak The Truth Other People Won't Admit Is The Truth Guy! Shane needs (1) a black coat; (2) ironic T-shirts; (3) longer hair; and (4) sexual inadequacy. Oh, wait. I'm pretty sure he already has the last one. At any rate. Shane drags Cirie into it, and although she says in retrospect in a very amusing interview that she should have stayed out of it, she admits at Shane's question that she thinks Chiclets doesn't work as hard as the other people in the tribe do, probably. Cirie does think, however, that Chiclets does some work. In other words, Shane may have a point, but he's blown it all out of proportion. Cirie thinks Chiclets does work, but that some other people do more work. Which is kind of a reasonable way to look at it. Also, Shane refers to Cirie as "Sheree," which is not her name. Cirie refers to their alliance in an interview as "some psychotic joke." She's very happy about how "it seems to be unraveling little by little."

La Mina. Day 11. They're all very, very weak from lack of food. Austin says, and post-boot interviews seem to confirm, that they really have eaten practically nothing for 11 days. Nick attempts to catch fish. He hits a snag, and his shoulders slump in despair. As he paddles back in, he tells us that he figures that, in about three days, their entire group will be unable to get out of bed. Austin calls it "the roughest day so far," and says that they seem to be having a hard time with their fire, especially without Terry. And then the rain comes, so that's not going to help the fire situation. Sally says she's not sure how much the guys have left, and she's frustrated by the fact that, if they lose immunity, she'll probably be sent home. Starvation, it turns out? Not hilarious.

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