Starvation And Lunacy

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But Sally does, maybe. She comes to Terry and the guys in the shelter and says that whatever happens, she respects them, and she knows that they all have a deal, but that she has "a lot of game left." Which is probably true. She says in an interview that she has no way of knowing whether it will do any good, because "Terry calls the shots around here." A discussion follows in which Austin tells Terry that he's thinking in terms of the strength of the tribe, and that if they don't look out for their challenge fortunes, they're going to find that it's just the four of them going into the merge. He also points out to Terry that he'd be the first target in the event they went to a merge outnumbered. Which is true. Austin points out that Sally has performed well in the challenges. Furthermore, he argues that the person who made a deal with Ruth Marie was Dan, not the rest of them. There is footage of Dan here in which I almost feel like his butt crack is showing, which...I mean, where is the blurring, people? Your blurring staff chose this moment to go on vacation?

Terry talks about Austin coming up and "pitching" the idea of booting Ruth Marie instead of Sally. He acknowledges that Dan made Ruth Marie a deal, but he's clearly starting to think that it would be better for the team to keep Sally. Which it almost certainly would be. Ultimately, Terry says, "I'm with you." Austin interviews that he thought this would take a miracle, but apparently, he has "some Jesus of Nazareth-like powers." Ew. Please don't go there, Austin. Aside from your dopey need to have a group discussion of the merits of napping, I mostly like you.

Now, Austin and Terry talk to Dan about booting Ruth Marie, pointing out that they know he made a deal with her, but that they didn't. Terry takes the lead in pointing out that they need the strongest player possible, and that's Sally, not Ruth Marie. Dan gives a tormented interview about how they had this agreement about going to the end, and it's so bad to be "changing horses midstream." Do they use horses in NASA? He argues to Terry that there's no point in keeping Sally, because she'll just abandon them at a merge anyway. There's something about Dan's entire fretting demeanor that's just very unlikable to me. Dan is convinced that Ruth Marie would sacrifice herself for the team, which...if you think about how patronizing it is, you will realize that it's very patronizing. For his part, Nick thinks the distinction between Dan's promise and all of them making a promise is kind of a dorky technicality, and he feels guilty about turning on Ruth Marie, because she's "part of the five of us." Clever boy.

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