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Jonathan is next, and the girls acknowledge that he only left the game because he was taken out medically. Jonathan says he feels like he can leave this game with his head held high and with no animosity towards anyone (except, I'd hope, the people who planned that immunity challenge), and it was a "once in a lifetime experience I got to do twice." Chet is next, and Cirie says the chickens haven't been the same since he left. Let that be your legacy, Chet, because that's probably the best thing we can say about you in this game. Chet says he always dreamt of being on the show and he's happy to make it to the seventh person voted out when everyone thought he'd be the first. Yeah, he was so happy to make it that far that he basically quit. Except he didn't even have the balls to do that, so he made everyone else quit for him and screwed Tracy over. I'm still mad about that. Kathy is next, and Parvati says she was a "colorful character." "Yeah, to say the least," Cirie adds. You can tell they're making an effort to put things as kindly as possibly. Kathy says she's "in awe" of anyone who has ever played this game, which is the most difficult thing she's ever done -- even harder than giving birth. In fact, she'd rather "whip out" eight more kids in ten minutes than do this again. Thanks for the mental image, Kathy! And then there's Tracy. Amanda says Tracy was underestimated in the game, and I would agree with that. Tracy says she's not the same person she was when she started this game, even though she was only in it for twenty days. Oh, and there's a shot of her throwing a rock at the tile during one of the challenges, and she just threw that thing like a champ, didn't she? Like, she nailed it. Meanwhile, I believe that was the challenge where Joel did not break any tiles. I wonder how Tracy would have done in this game had she been ten or fifteen years younger. Or at least put on a tribe that didn't ostracize people simply because of their age.

Ami is next, and the girls say they loved Ami even though they voted her crying ass out. "Ami loved everyone," Cirie says. And yet, none of you trusted her enough to keep her and boot Erik. Ami tells us that she thinks she was "more sensitive" in this game than in her first season, and balanced vulnerability and strength well. Too bad she didn't do a better job balancing her personalities! Eliza is next, and Parvati again calls her her "arch-rival." I know I missed the first three episodes, but I still don't know where she's getting this from. I think a lot of this Eliza-Parvati feud exists solely in Parvati's head. And it's probably pretty lonely up there. Parvati acknowledges that Eliza put up a real fight and went down in a "blaze of glory." Eliza says she was the underdog in this game, and "on the outs" pretty much from the beginning. And yet, she made the jury. Such is the awesomeness of Eliza. How does she do it? And there's Ozzy. Amanda makes a sad face and says Ozzy is the "most well-rounded player ever in Survivor", and Parvati and Cirie giggle about Amanda's crush. "That's why he had to go!" Cirie sing-songs. Amanda hands Ozzy's torch to Parvati, who says Amanda can carry it. Ozzy says he thinks being on this show makes you think about and realize who you really are, and that he knew he had to trust people this time around to make it in this game, and that ended up costing him. And here's a surprise -- he says his relationship with Amanda is worth more than any money he could have won. I didn't know his feelings for her were that strong, what with all the flirting he did with Alexis. They must have really played those two down in editing.

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