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Only Shallow

The ladies return to camp and Gloria is still there. Stupid chicken. Amanda tells us that tonight she'll have to make the hardest decision she's had to make during this entire game. If I'm not mistaken, it is also the only decision she's had to make in the entire game. Better late than never! Cirie tells Parvati she doesn't know how she lost the challenge. She must have blinked and lost her concentration. Parvati says Amanda was "in the zone." "She's a closer, that one," Parvati says. Yes, if by "closer" you mean "closer to second place than first." Cirie tells us that she really thought she was going to win that challenge, based on her surgical nursing experience where she's had to hold things steady for long periods of time, knowing that the patient could die if she let go. Hmm. I'm starting to think that Cirie isn't very good at being a nurse. Not only was she on the season with the most injuries, but she also was perfectly happy when those injuries happened. As Parvati walks off to talk to Amanda, Cirie says that with Amanda and Parvati being so buddy-buddy, she's sure that she'll be going home tonight. Well, yeah, but it has nothing to do with their friendship, Cirie -- you're just a lot harder, if not impossible, to beat against a jury. Don't take it personally.

Parvati and Amanda pack up the cave. Amanda says she feels sick to her stomach because she has to decide who to keep and who to send to the jury. "That sucks!" she says. Except for the fact that it's awesome since it's your best chance to win a million dollars. Parvati says she's sure Cirie will understand being voted out. Damn, that's confidence. She snuggles up to Amanda and says they can work on their jury speeches and stuff together tomorrow. What fun! Whee!!! Oh, and then Parvati stupidly says that there's no way Cirie would have won against a jury. "She pissed way more people off than I did," Parvati says while a lightbulb might -- just might -- go off in Amanda's head. "Yeah, actually, huh?" Amanda says. And Cirie still has a chance!

Amanda talks to Cirie and asks her what she should go by when making her decision tonight. Parvati skulks around in the bushes nearby, just like she got so angry at Eliza for doing. Cirie helpfully and with no self-interest whatsoever tells Amanda that she thinks her best shot against the jury is to take Cirie instead of Parvati, because Cirie was the one who did "most of the talking" when orchestrating all of their blindsides. Most of the thinking, too. "I just feel like you're one of those people who talk their way in or out of anything you want," Amanda says. Oh, shit. Someone finally realized that Cirie wields such great power over people's minds. She's a goner now. Cirie says she can't talk to people who don't want to listen, and she doubts the jury will want to hear anything she has to say. Amanda agrees with this, but tells us that while Cirie has probably pissed off more people than Parvati (which I still don't agree with, by the way), she can convince anyone to do anything, so she can probably convince the jury to give her a million dollars, too. Let's hope Cirie can also convince Amanda to vote Parvati out, but otherwise I think this should be an easy decision for Amanda. As much as I love Cirie, Amanda should vote her out. She should beat Parvati easily.

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