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Only Shallow

The ladies enter tribal council and the jury comes in. Amanda is already in tears when Probst starts the proceedings. She says winning immunity was both a blessing and a curse. Um, mostly a blessing, though. I mean, come on. The jury seems to agree with me, as they all roll their eyes at Amanda's problems. It's probably not a good idea to talk about what a hard time you're having in making a potentially game-winning decision in front of the people you helped take out of said game, Amanda. Probst asks Cirie if she "buys" that Amanda is having a hard time with this. Cirie says she does, since they all thought it would be the three of them until the end and never planned for this to happen. Parvati says she doesn't envy Amanda's decision right now. She sure doesn't! Parvati said in a post-show interview that she purposely lost the last challenge because she knew no matter who won, they'd take her with them to the jury, and this way she'd probably win a vote from the person the immunity winner voted out. So, if that's true, she's loving every minute of Amanda being the bad guy. Probst asks Amanda what the risks are if she brings Parvati or Cirie to the end. Amanda says that Cirie is a great talker and can convince anyone to do anything. But Parvati has played a social game and has personal relationships with several jury members. Yes ... but most of them are BAD. Like Ozzy and James, who totally hate her now. And Eliza can't be a big fan of her, either. Probst wants blood, so he demands that Amanda tells us how it feels to be so happy to make it to the Final Two, but at the same time there's the incredible pain of having to choose which alliance mate to vote out. Amanda sobs and Parvati and Cirie rush to comfort her while Eliza rolls her eyes a million times. Amanda says this is a lose-lose situation, because no matter who she votes for tonight, she's going to hurt someone's feelings. Meanwhile, the rest of the jury is disgusted with her, because it's not like she cried over hurting any of their feelings. Probst says Amanda is the only person voting tonight, and she'd better choose wisely if she wants to win a million dollars. It'd be kind of awesome if Amanda gave away her immunity necklace right now, but she doesn't.

Amanda swims through the river of her tears to get to the voting booth. Probst goes to collect the vote. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping against hope it's Parvati going home tonight. Probst takes out the vote, and it's for ... Cirie. Damn! Damn!!! Cirie hugs the girls and says it's okay. But it's not! If Cirie had known this would come down to the Final Two, she would have planned for it and she'd be there! But the producers totally fucked her over. They couldn't get the players to fuck Cirie over, so they had to do it themselves. I really hope the jury votes for a tie and breaks the entire game now. Stupid Final Two. Stupid eight member jury! Probst snuffs Cirie's torch and she goes. While Amanda is grief-stricken, Parvati is smiling. Probst says Parvati and Amanda have gone as far as they can in this game. Now it's time for the jury to decide.

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