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And in her final speech, Cirie says she's come up just short again, and tearfully tells her family that she's sorry she failed, but she tried her hardest. "It just wasn't meant to be," she says. Awww, no! Don't cry, Cirie! You know who's crying right now? Me, because I have all this show left to recap and no one to cheer for. I mean, Parvati clearly played a better game than Amanda and deserves to win because of that, I guess. But she was a bitch to Eliza and I don't like her. Sigh.

The next morning, Amanda and Parvati are happy to be going home tonight and leaving this freaking game already. Amanda says she was really happy when she woke up this morning, so I guess she dried her tears over voting Cirie out pretty quickly. Parvati says she's really, really happy and feels like her (or Cirie's) hard work all game has finally paid off. Parvati and Amanda run screaming to the treemail to get their challenge feast. They pat themselves on the back for getting so far and going through so much successfully and masterfully. Amanda says she's spent two and a half of the last six months living in the jungle, so she's pretty awesome and thinks she can do anything. I'll give her that. Amanda says that she and Parvati have played this game very different ways; while Amanda stayed loyal to her alliances, Parvati did whatever she could to win and screwed everyone over, which means the jury doesn't like her very much -- which is good for Amanda. Amanda should also recognize that, were it not for Parvati's lying and scheming, Amanda wouldn't be in this game right now, either. Parvati says she feels relaxed going into tribal council tonight and she thinks she played this game as well as she could and stayed true to herself. By tanning instead of looking for an immunity idol on Exile Island, by the way. Does that mean that, if her house was on fire and a firefighter came over with a guaranteed route to safety, she'd turn that down in favor of getting a nice, even tan from the flames? Speaking of flames, the girls burn down the shelter. Parvati says her game was aggressive and cutthroat, much more so than Amanda's. And tonight, she's going to tell the jury that she played this game to win, own that and hope for respect votes. Too bad the jury is full of bitter assholes! But good luck, Parv! Amanda and Parvati stir the pot one last time as their shelter burns down. Amanda tells us she's prepared for Parvati to continue playing her cutthroat game in front of the jury and probably throw Amanda under the bus. And if she does that, Amanda will throw her right back. She thinks the key to winning votes tonight is emphasizing how she stayed loyal and true. Um, except for the time when she promised Jason she wouldn't vote him out if he stepped down from the challenge and then did. That wasn't very honest. And Parvati stuck to her word to Jason, albeit not to do him any favors. Unfortunately, Jason is stupid so he might not remember any of this. "May the best woman win," Amanda says as they row to tribal council.

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