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And here we go! The ladies arrive and the jury enters. Cirie is looking radiant, as usual! Probst congratulates the girls for making it this far and welcomes them to the last tribal council, where the jury will now have all the power.

Amanda's opening statement is that she came into this game wanting to be loyal and fight until the end. And she's proud of how she played and thanks everyone for their help in getting her to the end. Um ... oh. You know, I'm starting to think that Amanda doesn't do so well in front of a jury.

Parvati, on the other hand, knows exactly what she's doing and says she wanted to be more than just the flirt from Cook Islands. James crosses his arms and looks angry. Parvati continues that she wanted to play differently, aggressively, and beat her competition before it beat her. She points to Ozzy and says he gave her a "serious run for [her] money." Ozzy is not amused. Dick. I don't even want to see whatever stupid bitter asshole speech he's planning to make. Parvati says she made bold power plays and had a great group of women behind her to help pull off some of the greatest blindsides in the history of the show.

And now it's time for the jury to speak. Eliza goes first. Her speech sounds very rehearsed and one wonders if she brought notecards to assist her. She congratulates both finalists on a very strategic game and says she has no idea who she's voting for tonight. While she really respected Parvati's move in taking out Ozzy, she cannot respect the twenty-four days she spent with Parvati where Parvati did plenty of mean stuff to her that had nothing to do with strategic game-playing. She was just plain mean to Eliza for the sake of being mean. Yeah ... you should've kept your big mouth shut, Parvati, because you might have just talked your way out of a jury vote. Eliza thinks Parvati is a "mean person" and she will have a hard time voting for her. But then there's Amanda. Listening to Amanda talk, Eliza says, made her want to kill herself. Whaaa? Where did that come from? I had to listen to Amanda talk and I felt fine. Eliza doesn't know if she can vote for someone who is "so superficial." Wow. Amanda must have been really hard for Eliza to take if she's considering voting for Parvati instead of her. Eliza says she'll be listening hard to what both of them have to say. She wants to see genuineness and honesty, and her vote is theirs to win.

Jason is next. He asks Amanda if she would have told Ozzy he was being voted out if she had known about it. Amanda says she would have, no doubt. And on one hand, that's not very good gameplay. On the other, it makes her look like a loyal and true friend deserving of all that money. Jason says he has "misconceptions" about Parvati that she is devious and manipulative, so he wants to know what her redeeming qualities in the game were. Parvati says she was "protective" of her alliance with Cirie and Amanda and was loyal to them both all the way until the end. Also, she set Gloria the chicken free, which makes her an animal lover. Jason gets a laugh out of this. "Is that good enough?" Parvati asks Jason. He says it is, and wishes them both luck. Good for him; he could have been a lot more bitter.

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