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I don't want young girls to be confused by this, so I'll give the ones who might be reading a life lesson from me to them: flirting can get you almost anything you want -- except respect. I worked with this girl who flirted all the time. We were the only two women in the office, and she had all the men bringing her chocolate, giving her back rubs, killing any bugs that wandered near her, and whatever else. And I thought she had it made, until I realized that they had no respect for her. They knew exactly what game she was playing and when she wasn't around, they'd all talk about it. I mean, this girl graduated from Harvard and everyone thought she was stupid. Flirting might get you somewhere in life and maybe even a million dollars, but it shuts a lot of other doors that you might want open. Natalie then comes on to Amanda, calling her a beautiful and strong woman. And here's where things get ugly, as she then says that Amanda always had a "glazed over" look on her face and wants to know if that was real or it was her strategy to play a stupid-zombie-pretty-girl-pageant-queen cliché. This from a woman with fake boobs! I guess Amanda really ticked people off, although I don't know what she did to earn such vitriol. For how stupid and superficial people are saying she is, she played the immunity idol beautifully and intelligently, which no one else seemed to be able to do. I guess she was just vapid and annoying around camp. Amanda answers that it was neither. It wasn't her strategy to play dumb and she's not dumb in real life. She thinks she's a strong woman who has substance and she's made intelligent, strategic decisions here. Eliza looks dubious. Amanda continues that she came into this game "to compete with the guys" and she doesn't want anything given to her.

And now, Erik. He probably has more of a right to tear the girls a new one with a bitter jury hate speech than anyone else, but he doesn't. He says five or six days ago he would have voted for Amanda without question. He respected her and sees her "as a big sister ... or a cousin." Why the "cousin?" Is it because that makes his crush on her slightly less icky? But now Erik feels burned by her after not one, but two tribal councils where she ripped him apart. And he wants to know what makes her think she had the right to judge him like that. Amanda says everything she said about Erik in tribal council was the truth. Erik was "unloyal" to Amanda, she claims. Okay, so, not only is "unloyal" not a word, but Amanda also needs to be saying something about how she only did that for strategic purposes and didn't mean it and is sorry but that's the game or something like that, because this isn't the way to win Erik over. Even if you think you were in the right in that situation and he was in the wrong, he obviously thinks otherwise, so you need humble yourself and admit to whatever you think he wants you to. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but -- " she says. Erik points out that Amanda once told him that it's too late for sorry, so it's kind of disgusting that she's saying sorry to him now. "I really don't buy that at all," he says. Amanda makes a sad face. And with that, Erik is finished. He doesn't have anything to say to Parvati.

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