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The next morning, the ladies are still laughing their asses off about Erik's boot. Cirie tells Parvati and Amanda that she's starting to feel nervous around them. Parvati says she's just as nervous around Cirie. And with that, Parvati climbs a tree and gets a bunch of coconuts. Guess you're not so special after all, Ozzy! She tells us she loves being there with just girls and no guys around with their big egos, always trying to look cool in front of the women. Right, because none of those women have big egos or were ever trying to impress the men. Why can't Parvati just admit that she's happy the guys are gone because now she actually has a chance to win a challenge? On second thought, I guess Parvati can't say that, because there's still no chance she's winning any challenges. Get ready for the rise of Amanda, unlikely challenge powerhouse!

Natalie says she's "so thankful" to still be in the game. Parvati says she's thankful that Natalie is there, too, and that Natalie should recognize how amazing she is at getting people to give her what she wants. "You really should swallow your pride and ask for whatever you want all the time!" Parvati says. Ah, yes; life advice from Parvati. Here's a tip, Nat: DON'T FOLLOW IT. Asking people for stuff may get you far in a thirty-nine-day reality show, but it's not the way to win the game of life. Or even the way to win the game of Life, which everyone knows is making sure you spin the right number in the beginning so that you land on either the doctor or lawyer job spaces because they pay the most. Natalie says she doesn't ask for things in real life, which is good because people who ask for stuff are lame. Case in point: Parvati thinks this is an awesome way to live life. Natalie says she's the only "Fan" left in the game, but she's bonded with Parvati and they're friends. Except when Parvati was ready to vote her out, like, yesterday. Parvati and Natalie chatter away while Amanda and Cirie look on, seemingly concerned. Parvati says that everyone left deserves a spot in the Final Three and they've all played really well. Just keep buttering her up for that jury vote, Parvati. Atta girl. Natalie tells us that she sees Parvati as an ally, and thinks their close relationship will help her in the game. Hmm ... I hate to say it, but I'm beginning to worry about Cirie's chances.

Here comes treemail, but it's not what the ladies were expecting: this challenge is for immunity, not reward. That's a little early. Where is the car challenge? And if immunity is this soon, does that mean there's going to be a jury session that lasts, like, an hour and a half? Because that is no fun! I will pull a Kathy and quit right now, I swear to God. Cirie says that the only important thing going into today's challenge is that Natalie doesn't win, or else that will be the end of their Final Three alliance. Worst of all, Cirie would probably be the one going home instead, and that simply cannot happen.

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