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Only Shallow

Immunity challenge time! We see four poles with tiny platforms on them sticking out of the water. On the beach is a tall platform with rung-less ladders leading to the top. Probst greets the women with "four ladies, feeling oh-so-good about themselves," somehow implying that they have no right to feel this way. They totally do. I'm sorry your awesome, hot, strong men all got booted, Probst, but that doesn't mean the ladies who booted them don't deserve to be here. Probst takes the necklace back from Natalie and explains the challenge: players will stand on the pole and fetch as much water as they can from below using a bucket with holes in it. They will dump their water into what Probst calls a "bamboo shoot" but what looks to me like a plain old plastic tube. As the tube fills with water, a pole with keys attached to the top will rise up. Once it's within arm's reach, players must grab the keys, jump into the water, and swim to the beach, where they'll unlock a chest filled with individually-shaped ladder rungs. Each rung only fits in one spot on the ladder. The first person to assemble her ladder, climb to the top of the platform and raise her flag will win immunity.

With that, we cut to a cheesy shot of the immunity necklace perch superimposed over sped-up B-roll of the clouds flying past. And then the ladies are on top of their poles and we begin! Natalie takes an early lead and is the first person to get her keys. Parvati soon follows her into the water. They've already got their boxes unlocked and have started putting rungs on the ladder when Amanda and Cirie get their keys. Natalie is so into the game that she doesn't notice or care that her boob has fallen out of her shirt. Meanwhile, Probst keeps filling the air with his pointless noise. I wonder if the contestants have learned to tune him out by now. I hope to one day be able to do the same.

The ladder proves to be a great equalizer, as Amanda and Cirie quickly catch up to Natalie and Parvati. Amanda, in fact, soon gains a big lead. Parvati is in second place, from what I can tell. "Natalie having a little trouble with this puzzle," Probst says in his teasing tone. Amanda makes it to the very last rung, but it won't fit -- somewhere along the line she put the wrong rung in, even though each rung is only supposed to fit into one spot. She has to go back and check out all the rungs to see which one is wrong, while Probst claims that Natalie is getting close to winning. But Natalie has only about half the rungs in by the time Amanda switches out her incorrect rung for the correct one and climbs the completed ladder to victory. She's delighted at the win, and the other girls congratulate her.

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