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Only Shallow

The ladies return to camp. Natalie takes out her disappointment in losing on a coconut while Cirie jokingly claims that Amanda only won the challenge because of her long arms. They laugh. I wouldn't laugh if I was that close to an angry, machete-wielding Natalie. Amanda tells us that she can't believe she's in the Final Three again after playing her game so much differently this season than she did last time. I didn't see her season, so I can't really vouch for how true this is. She says she's much happier with how she played the game this time around. Unbelievably, they still have one hen left. Her name is Gloria. Cirie thinks they should let Gloria go free. Natalie suggests that the wild rooster apparently wandering around the camp could "have his way with her." So this is how we celebrate girl power? By releasing a hen into the wild to get raped by a rooster? Really?

Natalie laughs along with the rest of the ladies while acknowledging to us that she knows she's the lowest woman on the totem pole and probably will be going home tonight. But she won't go down without a fight, and says she's going to "explore all [her] options." I think she should try to convince Amanda to give up the immunity necklace, what do you guys think? The girls prepare to release Gloria. Natalie says that if Gloria is anything like them, she'll mate with the rooster and then "rip his neck off." The others laugh. I think Natalie is scary. She tells us that these women are as smart as she thinks she is, so she can't scurry around trying to make deals to save her ass. Instead, she's going to bide her time and stay cool and look for a crack in the alliance's armor to exploit.

Various reptiles crawl through the grass as Cirie and Natalie have a chat. Cirie says she hates when the game gets down to four people and wishes they could have a Final Four instead of a Final Three. Natalie stays quiet, and Cirie asks her if she's promised anyone else her vote. I'm not sure if she means her jury vote or her vote at tribal council tonight. Either way, Natalie says she has not. "Good," Cirie says. Natalie studies her face, then tells us that she thinks she can use Cirie's apparent nervousness in regards to jury votes against her by going to Parvati and trying to strike a deal with her. And here's where I start worrying about my Cirie again. She can't go home now, right? She just can't! Natalie says she thinks Parvati would "go out on a limb" for her, and I laugh in her face. Parvati's not going out on a limb for anyone except Parvati.

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