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Meanwhile, Amanda and Parvati are talking about their chances with the jury. Parvati seems to think that they'll be splitting the jury votes and Cirie won't get any, so she clearly hasn't been watching the same show I was. They do think Cirie will "pull out all the stops" and is probably trying to get Natalie's jury vote right now. Amanda tells us that their plan has always been her, Parvati, and Cirie for the Final Three. But, she says, Cirie could be a threat to them in terms of winning jury votes, and she doesn't want Natalie to go. Well, that's different than what we just saw her and Parvati saying about Cirie not being able to get jury votes. Is she a threat or not, guys? Amanda tells Parvati that Cirie knows that if Natalie won the immunity challenge today, they all would be voting Cirie out tonight. With that, Amanda claims that she doesn't know who she's voting for tonight. Parvati says Natalie played a great game, while Cirie "got lucky" to be in their alliance. Well, fuck you, Parvati. I'm pretty sure Cirie was the one making all of the moves that put your little alliance on the top of this game. If it wasn't for Cirie, you'd all be begging immunity-having Erik not to vote you out at this point.

Back at camp, Cirie and Amanda talk, which gives Natalie a chance to sidle up to Parvati. Natalie tells Parvati that Cirie is "freaking out" and trying to get her jury vote. Parvati says that's Cirie's game, and it's a shady one. As opposed to Parvati's, which is flirt with the guys and let them carry you into the merge, at which point you use your real-life friendship against the biggest threat to blindside him out of the game. Parvati tells us that she likes Natalie, and also thinks that Natalie would be less of a jury threat than Cirie going into the Final Three. I don't know what to think, because on one hand, Parvati is absolutely right and would be a fool not to vote Cirie out, but on the other, I don't want Cirie to go! I want her to WIN! What the hell am I going to do with a Final Three of Natalie, Parvati and Amanda? God, I'll have to cheer for Amanda, won't I? Natalie actually makes crazy look boring, and Parvati is full of herself and takes credit for all of Cirie's amazing gameplay. At least Amanda did that thing with the immunity idol.

Natalie butters Parvati up, saying that she really wants to be here and make it one more day. Parvati just nods along with her, but doesn't promise anything. Cirie tells us that she knows very well that Amanda and Parvati might have worked something out with Natalie and she'll be the one going home tonight. "We've duped so many people -- " she says, then looks around, suddenly worried there's someone listening behind the bushes or something. "I don't want you to go," Parvati tells Natalie, her arm around her. Natalie responds by grabbing some Parvass. That's ... a new dynamic in their relationship.

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