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Only Shallow

Probst goes to collect the vote, and I'm so scared that Cirie is voted out, you guys. So scared! I can't face the hour and fifteen minutes left in this show without Cirie. Probst reads the votes: first is for Cirie. No! The second is for Natalie. Yes! Third is for Natalie. Phew! But it could still be a tie, and Cirie is not so good with Final Four ties. Fortunately, the fourth is also for Natalie. Hooray! Get your crazy ass on the jury, Natalie! Natalie hugs the girls while the jury watches, disgusted. Natalie takes her torch to Probst and salutes him as he snuffs it. She blows the ladies a kiss and she's gone. Probst congratulates the Final Three and sends them back to camp. Natalie tells us that she's happy with how she played the game and the people she played it with, and she's proud to be the last "Fan" standing. I didn't like her very much and thought she might be slightly unbalanced at the end there, but I'll admit that she did pretty well. Four out of twenty is nothing to sneeze at.

The Final Three head back to the beach. Parvati calls the tribal council "weird," while Amanda is livid. She accuses Cirie of trying to make her and Parvati look like bitches to the jury. Cirie says she was just being honest -- what she said at tribal had nothing to do with gameplay. Parvati was "snuggled up" with James and Amanda was with Ozzy. That makes Cirie the odd woman out. "If you were me, how would you feel? I mean, be me for a minute!" Cirie shouts. And wasn't Amanda the one who called her, Ozzy, James and Parvati a "four-clique?" So I don't know why she's denying it now. I think Amanda has a very selective memory. Cirie emotionally continues that Parvati has already said that she couldn't vote Amanda out, so that means it'll be them two against Cirie if there's a Final Two. Amanda continues pleading ignorance as to how Cirie would think she was at the bottom of the alliance, then tells Cirie to stop screaming at her. Cirie calms down and says she doesn't know how else to explain this to Amanda. Parvati just says Cirie's logic "makes sense." Amanda makes a sad face and apologizes. She says she's "at [her] breaking point." The ladies hug and apologize and cry and stuff.

Amanda tells us that she "broke down" and has no idea why she yelled at Cirie. She feels like she's been on Survivor forever, since she came here straight from China. Amanda says she "almost lost it" when Probst mentioned a Final Two, and that would have been kind of awesome to see. I think Amanda could trash the tribal council set pretty good until they finally took her down with tranq darts. Parvati says there's no way there'll be a Final Two, but Cirie says Parvati is always wrong so this is small comfort. Cirie tells us that she wants to celebrate being in the Final Three with Parvati and Amanda, but she can't when she's worried about a Final Two.

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