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Part of me kind of enjoys watching the three ladies feel "sick" and sad about this blindside, because I'm sure they're getting a taste of what they fed so many others. On the other hand, I don't think it's at all fair of the game to make them all think and strategize for a Final Three and then surprise them with a Final Two, especially since I'm betting that they made this decision during the game and not before it, if only because I can't imagine them purposely choosing to have an even number of people on the jury. I mean, what's the point of even making a strategy in this game if the producers are just going to change it on you like this? And doesn't this set a precedent of producer interference in the game that can now be extended to changing challenges to favor the people they want to win them? It's bad enough that Probst basically orders people to vote off the weak players in every tribal council. Cirie tells us that it was "almost poetic" that they, who blinded-sided so many players out of the game, would be blind-sided themselves with a Final Two. "I guess, you know, what goes around, comes around," she says. She's taking this better than anyone else, considering the fact that she's got to know that she's the most likely candidate to be voted out tonight. Parvati and Amanda sob and try to refocus on the game. Parvati admits that she feels "taken down a peg" and "humbled." She's hoping the torch walk will give her perspective. I think it's going to give me a nap.

The ladies row to Exile. Cirie says she respects all of the players, even though she beat them. The canoe beaches on Exile Island. First torch is stupid Jon's. Parvati says he was "kind of a decent guy," but we all know that's just what he wanted her to think. Speaking as someone who has met Jon in person and had to resist his advances (I know -- how could I turn down such a hunk? Sheer willpower), I will disagree with that. Jon claims to be the "cerebral assassin" of Survivor, but couldn't give his all to this game and was happy to leave it on his own terms. The rest of us are just happy he left. The second torch belongs to Mary, who none of them knew and can't say much about. She says it's awful to go out so early, but maybe her tribe saw her as a threat. Not all of them -- just the gigantic hulking mass of stupid that was Joel. Third is Yau-Man, who Cirie says "had to go so early, because he was such a great player." Yau-Man says he knew he had a target on his back when someone called him one of the most likeable players. And he had a great time even though he left so early. Fourth up is Mikey B, who the girls say was a "fierce competitor." Mikey says it hurts to leave the game this early but it was still a life-changing experience. The girls come across Joel, and don't have much to say about him except that he was "intense." Seeing Joel again reminds me of how he almost single-handedly doomed the entire tribe of "Fans." Taking out Mary and Mikey B instead of Chet? Dumbass. He couldn't have been booted quickly enough for me. Joel says he feels like he failed because he didn't make it to the end. Well, you did fail, Joel. You suck!

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