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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Janet calls the group together to make an announcement. She says it's gotten around the tribe that she's the one who smuggled in the "granola bar, candy bar -- whatever it was." She insists that she doesn't know who did it, but that it wasn't her. It's fine if they vote her off for any other reason, but they're making a mistake if they vote her off for that. In an interview, she tells us that, strategically, she should vote for Christy, but instead she'll vote for Jeanne because she stirred up so much trouble. She points out that Jeanne discovered the forbidden food, and then went around telling everyone that it was Janet's.

The women set out for Tribal Council in the rain and hike up the steps, where Indiana Just Peachy leads them inside, advising them to light their torches to get fire, which "represents life." Actually, what he says takes a lot longer than that, but, bandwidth and all, I can't go there. Peachy steers the conversation to the first six days, and asks Janet whether any people have emerged as leaders. Janet cites the strength of both Joanna and Deena, because they "did an incredible amount of chopping," and the "really heavy labor." Joanna listens to this with a stony face, while Deena looks a little more receptive to the compliment.

Peachy cites the different obstacles they've faced while building camp, and asks Deena to explain their shelter. Deena answers, "We have none!" She says that although the shelter is sort of completed, it's "kind of a mish-mosh and hodgepodge of a mess." This, she explains, is because they have had to factor in other elements like the heavy rain and limited materials. Joanna jumps in to add that they haven't been able to devote themselves to building the shelter because they've had to worry instead about fire and water. She explains that if they don't have fire, they won't have drinkable water, "and then we [sic] gonna die!" Deena laughs, revealing that -- simian or not -- she has a pretty smile. Peachy thinks it doesn't sound like they even have plans for the shelter, and asks Christy if there's anything at camp she thinks they could have done better. Christy answers exactly as planned, emphatically insisting on the shelter. Peachy calls out a dissenting Joanna, who informs Peachy of Christy's stubborn refusal to work on the shelter earlier that day. Christy explains that her behavior was in response to the fact that she'd previously gotten no help, so why should she help them when they needed it?

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