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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Peachy flat-out asks if Christy feels excluded because she's deaf, and Christy thinks there's no question to it. He asks her to explain further, and she breaks down as she says she has no idea when something important is happening within the tribe. She doesn't know when to join the group, and when she tries to approach people, they move away. Christy then loses any allies that she might have won by insisting that she works harder than any of the others do. Peachy calls out Jenna: "Body language is telling me everything!" and Jenna reveals that she's insulted by Christy's accusations of laziness among the rest of the tribe. Peachy asks what Jenna thinks of Christy's allegations that she's been excluded "on purpose," and Jenna responds that it's "ridiculous." She insists that no one has been excluded, and that with eight women living together in the jungle while trying to survive, "eventually reactions are gonna happen."

So it's on to the vote, and it's a good thing they're not judged on spelling, because no one gets anyone's name right except for Heidi, who votes for Janet: "I know you want outta here." She points out that Janet was sick early in the game, and that it's hard to catch up. Joanna votes for "Krystie," because, although they do need physical strength, Christy's "attitude stinks." Christy silently votes for "Jena," then Janet votes for "Jean," citing her "non-stop," incredible strength, but insisting that she's too aggressive. And that's all we see, so no one has a chance to bludgeon "Deena" or "Heidi."

The fire flares as Peachy returns from tallying the votes. The first vote is for Christy, followed by a vote for Jenna, followed by a vote for Janet, followed by a vote for Jeanne. The four women are tied, but not for long as the next three votes are for Janet, which is enough. Peachy announces that "the last vote will remain a mystery." At least until the closing credits. Janet sadly renounces her torch for snuffing, before wishing the rest of her tribe luck. Peachy leaves them with his hopes that the next morning "brings some much needed change to this tribe."

Next week on Survivor, hygiene is lacking at Jaburu, so the women take a sexy bath together while grabbing their breasts to slinky background music. They're going to have a mixer! Jenna announces that the talk around Jaburu is "all good," and none of the men reveal that the talk around Tambaqui is "all Shawna."

As the credits roll, we learn that all of the unseen votes in the voting montage, including the "mystery" vote Peachy mentioned at the end, were for Janet. She tells us that she had an amazing week, and discovered that she's not an Amazon woman, but a Cancun woman instead. Her parting words are to all the middle-aged women considering having a mid-life crisis: "I would highly suggest a change of hairstyle." Not to kick a girl when she's down, but maybe she should take her own advice.

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