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Jeanne doesn't want to accuse anyone, and Deena interjects to announce that she's going to cross-examine everyone in order to find out who did it. In an interview, she tells us that everyone was denying it, which set off an "inquisition party," but that she wants to know who took "the candy bar." Joanna quietly tells the group that Jeanne actually found the "candy bar" in Janet's backpack, and that Jeanne doesn't want to let it go, but she wants to give Janet the chance to come forward or actively deny it. And what's with the whole "candy bar" thing? Who confuses a granola bar with a Snickers? Unless we're talking Kudos here, which are just candy bars in a granola bar costume. All the women agree that even if Janet denies it, she's guilty. Jeanne then tells us in an interview that she was dismayed to find the contraband because they came to play a fair game. They knew they weren't going to get any food and, she claims, "I don't like cheetahs." And who really does? They're not exactly the homecoming queens of the animal kingdom.

A spider hangs from its web and eats its prey. Alex and Matthew check the treemail, and then Matthew tells us in an interview that because they gloated before the first challenge, they looked even worse when they lost. As the two men walk back to camp, Matthew shakes something feathered like it's a maraca. He adds that when they lost again, they realized that it could become a disturbing trend. So could reading the clue together aloud, but no one cares about that. The men join voices to read, "What will you remember for immunity? Absorb it all! The only things that matter are things you can recall." Alex tells us that immunity is really important for their tribe right now, and if they lose three challenges in a row, it won't be pretty. But they're men! They're not supposed to be pretty!

We see a primitive-looking hut (as all huts tend to be -- except, that is, for Tribal Council huts), as the tribes arrive at the challenge. Peachy welcomes them and reclaims the idol from Christy. He announces that in a survival situation, awareness of their surroundings and the retention of that information are critical. The day's challenge will test the tribes' observational skills and ability to retain critical information. They will have two minutes to explore an "Amazonian Indian village," and Peachy will then ask them ten questions about it. The tribe with the most points after ten questions will win immunity. Jaburu has to sit someone out again, and Shawna agrees after Peachy makes a big fuss out of the fact that it can't be Christy.

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