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First They Were Afraid!

At Ogakor, Keith tells us that, once the team arrived at camp, they immediately dispersed to begin work. Jerri says she considers "anything and everything anybody was doing as pretty much a strategic move," which means that the motives behind Maralyn's needing to pee totally got by me. Sneaky Dog. Ogakor has decided to use Colby's luxury item, the Texan flag, as their "tarp from wind and sun," according to Mitchell. Colby tells us that he actually brought the flag to be used as shelter, but then says, "Don't get me wrong. When I wake up in the morning there's two things I'm thinkful for. I'm thinkful I'm alive, and I'm thinkful I'm a Texan." Most likely he was saying "thankful" there, but it sounded like "thinkful" to me. Jerri and Keith have a silly argument over the building of the shelter, and Jerri tells us they "rub each other the wrong way," and we all know that's bad for the ratings -- we want to see these people rub each other the right way! She then tries to say Keith has made some offensive comments to her that she won't just let "slide off her back," but we never actually hear these comments.

And now back to Kucha and....more Kimmi! In night-vision we see wide-eyed, white-eyed Kucha team members experiencing a real-life in a tent with Kimmi! Kimmi's yelling unintelligible things; about the only thing I'm able to make out is her concern regarding "where and when I'm gonna masturbate out here." Debb tells us in a confessional that nothing is taboo with Kimmi, not even marrying her own son-in-law. Jeff says that Kimmi can't say a thing without screaming it, and he's very irritated. We continue to hear Kimmi shrieking and laughing in the background as Jeff says, in his ploy to get free rage counseling like Stephan did on Real World Seattle, "I just want to grab her by the neck and shake the shit out of her, you know?" Violence against women is not tolerated here at MBTV; thoughts of violence against Kimmi, apparently, cannot be avoided.

At Kucha Day Two, Michael tells us that hunting, fishing, and camping have prepared him for the trip. These things have obviously not prepared him for the concept of investigating strange food in an unknown environment before chowing down. He plucks a fig off a newly discovered fig tree and bites right into it, immediately followed by much bleching and yecking and hacking and spitting of the fig. He warns the others off biting in as he did, and opens the fig to show that it is teeming with hundreds of little, swarmy insects. Some of the team think they aren't bugs, and Jeff checks his out and says, "I'm lookin' at bugs." He adds that the bugs are creepy. They're most likely crawly, as well. Then we see the Kucha members opening the fruit and blowing on it, as it it's hot. We don't see anyone actually ingest a fig. Don't worry, though; there'll be time enough for eating disgusting things in the next episode.

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