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Play With Fire

Holly casts a vote for Brenda, saying "you should've scrambled." Damn right, Holly. Brenda votes for NaOnka, and draws a picture of an immunity idol on the card along with an arrow pointing to it, just in case no one knew that NaOnka had the idol. "You are my real true enemy," she says. Probst returns with the urn and asks if anyone would like to play his immunity idol or give it to Brenda to use. Brenda smiles up at Sash expectantly. He doesn't move. I don't know if she was expecting him to give it to her or not, but the editors want us to think so. The votes are read, and it's one for Brenda, one for NaOnka, one for Ben (the other Kelly's contribution, as she didn't even know what her own freaking alliance was doing) and the rest for Brenda. She doesn't have much to say on her way out, although she lets out a flirty "ouch" when Probst extinguishes her torch. And yet, I didn't see any evidence of emotion in that because I'm starting to believe that Brenda just doesn't feel pain or have emotions, or at least is really, really good at hiding them for the purposes of this game. She does cast a friendly wave back at Sash and Chase on her way to the graveyard. Probst says it looks like if you want to win this game, you have to fight for it. You know, unless you're Dan.

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