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Play With Fire

And so, the winning team helicopters to the volcano and get a birds-eye view of its insides before they're let out on the surface, which is black and desolate. Jane describes it as "like walking on the moon" and says they could actually feel the heat of the volcano in their feet as they walked. Again, this does not seem like fun to me. They make their way to the "volcano boarding" area, where they put on big orange jumpsuits and sit on what are basically planks of wood with a string attached to help them hold on and steer. They are able to resist the urge to throw the volcano boards on top of a fire to protect it and ride them down the side of the hill instead. Of course, Jud crashes spectacularly on his sled. NaOnka and the other Kelly follow, and then it's Jane's turn. She reminds us that she might be older than everyone, but she's not scared. She slides down and pronounces it "fun as crap!" Yes, crap is fun, isn't it, Jane? With that, they are done volcano boarding and it's time to eat. As they walk towards the dinner table, Jud wonders how things are back at camp right now.

Well, let's find out, shall we? Before the losing team arrives back home, we're treated to a shot of the tribe's firepit, which has expanded somewhat since we last left it to now consist of the original firepit and then all the dry wood stuff the tribe put like half an inch away from it and thought that was a good idea. Yes, shockingly, the chests and wood canopy are now on fire, and from the looks of it, the shelter a few feet away soon will be, too. Just unbelievable stupidity. Oh, and not only did they put those chests around the fire, but they also had all of their important necessary items inside those chests, so those are ruined, too! By the time the losers return, it's been raining for a while and the fire is luckily extinguished. So the shelter basically survives, although part of the tarp roof has been burned away. The firepit area is just a pile of gray ash with pieces of machete and pots in it. Many "oh my gods" are exclaimed by the group, because what else is there to say? I mean, you don't want to sound like a total moron and say something like "how did that happen?" like Brenda does, for example.

Dan is rather impressed with the incredible heat the fire must have produced, pointed out that one of their glass water bottles melted. I'll bet his Mafia arsons are going to be started with some Nicaraguan treasure chests from now on! Dan interviews that they also had food left over from the merge feast (like that flour everyone was mad at NaOnka for stealing. In retrospect, if she had kept half the flour away from the camp, they would have still had that... ) in the chests, so that's gone too. He says they only have a cup of rice a day to eat now and he doesn't know how they'll do it. He's more helpful and optimistic around camp though, saying the melted parts of the tarp aren't so bad and there's still enough left of it to protect them from the rain.

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