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Play With Fire

Chase talks to NaOnka about Brenda. NaOnka says Brenda is "shady" and has "too much power," thus showing that even NaOnka, for all of her inability to act right in social settings, has a better grip on the situation and the personalities involved than Chase. Chase says he thinks it's more important to get rid of Ben right now. NaOnka disagrees. She says she trusts Holly "for now," which is how you should trust people in this game if you're going to. Trust them for now, not forever, like Chase is doing with Brenda. Chase says he doesn't trust Holly or Ben because they're trying to vote Brenda out. Before NaOnka can say anything, he adds, "and I told Brenda that." NaOnka is able to stop herself from screaming at him, but you can see that look of "YOU MORON" cross her face for a split second. NaOnka says Chase is running around freaking out and therefore is not on the side she should trust. So she's definitely going with Holly and Jane, who has done a remarkable job of making everyone except NaOnka think that she has nothing to do with this plan against Brenda. Her name hasn't come up once as one of the instigators, even though from what we saw, she was.

Ben meets NaOnka in the woods and she tells him they can't trust Chase anymore and why. "He's playing both ends against the middle. He want you out next," she says. "What do we do?" Ben asks helplessly. NaOnka says they take Brenda out now and Sash next. Even though they know that Sash has the immunity idol and thus will need to be blind-sided. Okay. Ben seems sympathetic to poor dumb Chase in his interview, saying that Brenda is obviously using him and he hopes Chase will "grow a pair" and "realize what's good for him." I guess Ben still doesn't realize that Chase has been against him for whatever reason since almost the very beginning.

NaOnka confers with Jane about the Chase situation. Jane doesn't want to believe that someone from North Carolina would turn against her, but she has to acknowledge that "Chase is sucking up to Brenda like he wants to get in her pants or something" and Brenda is casting some kind of "magic spell" over him. Yeah, the magic spell of vagina. Jane promises that Chase will "catch hell" for going back on his word to her when he returns to North Carolina. I honestly think most people in North Carolina won't give a shit, but okay. NaOnka then tells Holly about Chase, and she is not surprised. "What the fuck is wrong with Chase?" she asks, cursing up a storm this week. I love it. I also love that the scene just ends on that, because really, that's all we need.

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