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Play With Fire

Immunity Challenge! Unfortunately for all the contestants, this is another endurance challenge. Each contestant has to stand on a slanted platform over the water with just a rope tied to a pole to hold onto to keep them from falling in. Every five minutes, they have to move their hands further down the rope and further back and closer to the water, making it that much more difficult to hold on. The last person to fall in the water wins. The contestants set themselves up and we begin. Sash is the first to fall because he is weak and useless. The other Kelly follows for the same reason. Brenda struggles and has to keep readjusting her weight to stay up, but it's her neighbor Holly who falls in next. Dan almost falls in after her, but manages to keep himself alive purely with his upper body strength, which it's about time he showed us evidence of. I mean, the guy clearly has the guns, as Probst tells us while describing them lovingly. Soon, Brenda's struggles come to an end and she drops in the water. Dan goes next. Jud looks around and sees who is still left and who isn't and jumps in the water, too. I'm not sure if it's smart to make yourself look like less of a strong individual immunity threat or stupid not to go all-out for immunity every time because you never know when you'll really need it.

And so, we are left with four: NaOnka, Ben, Chase, and freaking Jane. I am ordering P90X, you guys. It clearly gives you superpowers. NaOnka falls out next, leaving the two young strong guys and Jane, which Probst loves. And while Ben and Chase look like they're having a hard time staying up, Jane seems pretty strong up there. "Win one for the old guys, Janey, come on!" Dan says. "I'm trying, buddy!" Jane says. "Come on, honey!" Dan says. I loved that exchange. I wish we'd seen more of Dan and Jane's interactions. Hell, I would like to see more of Dan's interactions with ANYONE. Five minutes have now elapsed, so it's time to move down on the rope. Ben and Chase let out testosterone-filled guttural cries but all three contestants manage to make the transition. Just barely in Ben's case -- his face is beet-red and he is clearly hanging on by a thread. That thread finally snaps and Ben goes in the water. Way to get beaten by Jane, loser. Go do a backflip or something.

"However you feel, Jane, but I'm staying on here," Chase says. Jane says her fingers are "about ready to go." "I'm pretty secure," Chase says. Jane tells Probst she's going to let go. Probst will not have this: "Jane, dig! Don't you dare give up on this challenge!" Then he has to seem fair so he adds "both of you!" The contestants, on the other hand, are clearly cheering for Jane. She's shaking and exhausted, but Chase has to keep readjusting until he loses his balance and falls in the water, giving Jane another awesome immunity win. She's not so spent that she can't pull herself back up to the pole rather than fall into the water, and Probst gives her a hand, saying she earned it. He puts the immunity necklace on her and sends the group on their way. Ben interviews that not only did he lose, but he also lost to a 56-year-old woman.

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