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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

Back at camp, Shii Ann hangs up her immunity necklace. Around the fire, she says, "I didn't mean to get so excited; I wasn't trying to gloat." So apparently, "Take that!" wasn't supposed to be gloating. Maybe she was serving them something, like an appetizer. Maybe she was saying "Take that...stuffed mushroom; they're delicious." But...probably not. And again, if you want to be a bad-ass, you can't apologize. Or else you're not so much bad as really know, ass. The rest of the tribe shrugs it off, and Jenna tells Shii Ann that everybody gets excited when they win. Rob is also muttering not to worry about it. Alicia, of course, is not so forgiving, and complains in an interview about Shii Ann's overwhelming need to gloat. "Let her enjoy her moment," Alicia says to Rob out of Shii Ann's presence. "Yeah, it's not gonna last," Rob agrees. And he's right, of course -- Shii Ann's victory didn't really upset things very much, because it happened when she had no allies left. Shii Ann snots in an interview that she's so happy the alliance will have to "eat one of their own." And again, her personal feelings of gloaty-ness about this are totally stupid, because instead of sitting in a corner talking about how nifty she is, she should be trying to organize an overthrow while she still has the chance. All she's doing is alienating herself and ensuring that nothing will happen that will actually be of any significance.

"They should have been cutting deals with me before my immunity win," she says. Which makes no sense, because it's not as if her immunity win gave her any power. She is one person. There are two possible four-person alliances, and whichever of them sticks together is going to vote off whoever it wants, and it has nothing to do with Shii Ann. They don't need her. They didn't need her before, and they don't need her now. They are foolish not to consider voting off Boston Rob, but that has nothing to do with the idea that somehow they should have been scheming with Shii Ann previously. In fact, it would have made no sense for them to include her before she won immunity, because she was still a free boot, and they could have spent another three days plotting, even if they were going to take out Rob or Amber. Shii Ann correctly ascertains that Alicia is on the block, but she also insists that Rob is on the block, which isn't true at all, of course, and shows that Shii Ann has no clue what's going on. The people being considered by anyone are Rupert and Alicia, as far as we know. We have heard not a whisper of anyone being serious about voting off Rob. Of course, if Shii Ann were plotting instead of whining, that might change, but it's not going to.

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