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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

"Stupid people," Shii Ann says contemptuously, as if she isn't the only person left on the beach with zero potential allies of any kind. "Stupid people. Let me just say that again. Stupid players." I swear, I have rarely despised anyone on this show as much as I did Shii Ann during this episode. She has done literally not one thing during this entire season that's worthwhile other than winning that challenge, and all of a sudden she's calling a group of six people -- four of whom are undoubtedly going to be the final four and all of whom have gotten there through actual alliance-forming and other active decisions -- "stupid"? What planet is Shii Ann living on? Who does she think she's successfully foiling here, other than Alicia, who was going to be the next to go after her anyway? I see no reason at this point to think this would go any other way than Alicia in this episode and Shii Ann in the next one, barring Shii Ann's winning immunity again. Who would team up with her after the way she's acting? Who would form an alliance with her when she's expressed an intense interest in screwing them all over? If anything, she has completely squandered the opportunity with which her immunity win presented her. Bleh. HATE!

Shii Ann tells Rupert that his head is on the block. He's all, "Yeah, yeah, I know." She tells him that Rob is the person who should be gotten rid of. Up in the shelter, Rob sarcastically discusses his great fear of Shii Ann. "Shii Ann's a dealmaker!" he says, watching her talk to Rupert. "Such a strategist! Look at her down there, look at the strategizing going on right now!" Heh. Yeah, I think he's incredibly threatened. In an interview, Rob says that there are two options tonight: stick with Alicia and Big Tom, or stick with Jenna and Rupert. You'll notice that neither option includes, "Gee, now that Shii Ann won immunity, I'll of course need to negotiate with her powerful ass." Shii Ann remains -- say it with me -- irrelevant.

Shii Ann and Amber talk. Amber says she's interested in voting off either Rupert or Alicia, most likely. "For me, it would be between Rupert and Rob," says Shii Ann. Mm-hmm. That'll work. Try to get Amber to vote out Rob. That's got promise. Could she be stupider? If there were ever any chance that she might be able to hook herself to Rob and Amber, she certainly eliminated it right there. Amber tells Shii Ann that she trusts Rob, and that she thinks Rob trusts her, and would even if she were lying. Heh. Shii Ann interviews that Amber is so very shrewd, compared to how she appears. You know what? I really think she's not that shrewd. I think she made an early decision to partner with Rob, and it worked out well for her, but I haven't seen Amber make any particularly brilliant moves. I think Amber talks shrewd more than she actually is shrewd. My sense is that Shii Ann is approaching Amber because what she really wants is to vote out Rob, and she's too big a bitch to go either to Jenna or Alicia and ask for their help, because she hates them both and is having too much fun gloating in their faces. Had she approached Rupert, Jenna, and Alicia about voting out Rob, she would at least have had a chance. Just coming to Rupert and Amber, of all people? No way.

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