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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

Time to vote. Amber votes. Rupert votes. Jenna votes. Big Tom votes. Alicia votes. Shii Ann votes. Rob votes for Alicia. "Remember the little fight we had on Day 3?" he asks. "Where I 'zipped my lip'? I've been waiting to do this for twenty-seven days. So , au revoir. Adios. Arrivederci. Sayonara. Or, as we say in Boston, see ya lat-ah." Snerk. Jeff goes off to tally.

The first vote is for Alicia. The second is for Alicia. The third is for Rupert. Then Alicia, and Alicia again, so she's gone. "Well, somebody turned; I'd better not find out who it is," she mutters as she gets up to go get snuffed. Snuff! Shii Ann smirks at Lex, who smirks back at her, because he's convinced that this is a major foiling of the Chaperans. I mean, back when there were twelve people left, the group that was then Chapera decided to stick it out and be the final six, and rather than being the final six, they are only five of the final six. That's quite a foiling -- that alliance wasn't successful at all. Shut up, Lex's smirk.

Jeff sends everyone back to camp.

In her exit speech, Alicia wishes everyone luck, and says that if she's on the jury, she's certainly not going to feel cheery about voting for Boston Rob, what with the handshake. Oh, and it turns out that Shii Ann voted for Alicia, making her not nearly the pot-stirrer she thinks she is. The thing to do would have been to vote for Rob and then see if she could blame it on somebody else. Because that would have at least been interesting.

Next week: Jenna and Shii Ann don't like each other. The Rupert and Jenna love evaporates. Whatever.

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