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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

The group is delivered to the "Panamanian restaurant," and Rupert is seated at the head of the table. There are seven meals on the table: a steak dinner with shrimp; potatoes; a salad (which, by the way, appears to include iceberg lettuce, of all things); a ham and cheese sandwich; a hot dog and sauerkraut with a glass of orange juice; a burger and fries; and the bowl of rice. Rupert starts with himself and chooses the steak. Jeff tells him that there's also an open bar with the steak dinner, and Rupert orders a beer. Rupert then allows Rob to choose, and he takes the burger. Jenna is then allowed to choose the hot dog. Amber chooses the sandwich. Alicia chooses the salad, saying that might have been her choice anyway. Shii Ann -- surprise -- rolls her eyes. Vancouver ho! Big Tom then chooses the potatoes. And Shii Ann, of course, gets the bowl of rice. "Leave the Asian girl with the rice," she whines. Yes, yes, you're very put-upon. Shut up. Big Tom interviews that they said the restaurant was supposedly really good, but he says, "I wouldn't hit a dog in the hind end with it, 'cause I got a tater and it was cold." Now, I realize that because it's Big Tom, we're supposed to be understanding about how not everything he makes sense. I am still calling a foul on the idea that you can hit a dog on the hind end with a restaurant. Oh, and also, there's a really stupid song about a guy at a fancy restaurant putting out his Cherries Jubilee with his bowl of vichyssoise, which I won't quote at length for you, though it's very tempting. Jeff comments that dinner may be awkward, but that at least they're warm and dry for a while.

Shii Ann chooses to spend dinner complaining in her snotty way, to no one's surprise. Rob says that the people with the crappy meals probably weren't pleased about "the politics" of the situation: "But hey, what can you do about that? You win some, you lose some." Shii Ann watches everyone else eat, and endeavors to be as unpleasant as possible. Jenna interviews, simply and straightforwardly: "Shii Ann's an absolutely obnoxious person." I agree. Jenna explains that Shii Ann talked throughout the dinner about everyone else's food, and put on her big display of passive-aggressive BS about how she was just loving her rice so much and blah blah blah. "Shut up," Jenna interviews. "It's obnoxious."

We now see a hand bringing Rupert another beer. "Big Tom, I'm drinkin' this for you!" Rupert laughs, because as usual, he doesn't understand that he looks like a huge jerk. He chugs the entire beer as the tribe looks on. He belches and orders another. Alicia interviews that Rupert had eight or nine beers, and was "plastered." Indeed. It appears so. When you start picking up your dinner plate and licking it, that does tend to suggest that you may have been slightly overserved. The rest of the group laughs about putting their heads on the table and taking a little nap while Rupert keeps drinking. Amber explains that, of course, they wanted to stay at the restaurant as long as possible, so they encouraged him to keep going. Rob interviews that Rupert's behavior basically outed the four-person alliance they have, and kind of stuck it to everybody else, which suggests to Rob that Rupert trusts him at least somewhat.

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