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What Passes For Shii Ann's "Big Move"

Alicia sits at camp eating rice. Shii Ann tells her that they should talk, because she has "some news." Alicia says she doesn't want to hear it: "Honestly? There's a plan, Shii Ann, and it's too late for anything to change." Shii Ann says that's fine. Couple of brain surgeons, those two.

And now it's time for the immunity challenge. Jeff welcomes everyone to a stretch of beach where this fairly simple challenge will be going forward. You'll stand on a post and raise your hand over your head. Your hand will be chained to a bucket. If you move your hand, your bucket will tip over, dump water all over you, and signal your exit from the challenge. ["We have seen this before." -- Wing Chun] So this is one of those dumb stand-in-the- same-position challenges that I always think are extremely boring unless they're done right at the end and involve a lot of negotiating. Like the best one ever, which involved Lill and Jonny Fairplay.

Jeff takes the immunity necklace back from Boston Rob, and the challenge begins. The first person out, after a grand total of four minutes, is Amber. Next out is Jenna, whose hand really doesn't look like it moves, so I'm not sure how she managed to get bounced, but she did, after ten minutes. "You didn't need that immunity anyway," Shii Ann snots. "It's all good." So when you're marking up who started the obnoxious, fuck-you behavior at this challenge, you can set the timer from right there. In fact, Jenna's response is, "Nobody knows who's safe," so it's not like she's starting out with the idea of pounding Shii Ann's doom down her throat. Big Tom goes out next, after sixteen minutes. "Okay, Rupert, you've got to hold out before Rob," Shii Ann says, with all appropriate [sic] and everything. And again, she is the one who decided to get personal and trash-talky. In spite of her efforts, Rob smiles. "I see Shii Ann's arm moving a bit, so you guys are good," Jenna adds from the sidelines, unfortunately buying into Shii Ann's "bitch during the challenge" practice. Jeff says that there apparently aren't any secrets, meaning alliance-wise. Jenna shrugs that there really aren't. Shii Ann -- striving for relevance as she is wont to do -- loudly insists that there are secrets. Whatever. Shut up. HATE! ["Yeah. She's an asshole." -- Wing Chun]

The clouds roll in. Shortly after the thirty-minute mark, Alicia dumps her bucket and she's out. She also manages to soak Jeff, which is a little entertaining. Shii Ann keeps hassling Rupert to keep his arm up. So she, of course, is being just as openly obnoxious about wanting Rob to lose as Jenna was about wanting Shii Ann to lose, with the only real difference being the second-grade fact that Shii Ann started it. Rain starts to fall. Jeff remarks that Shii Ann looks very strong after the hour, and she says that she needs immunity, so she plans to win. "Don't give up," Jenna mouths to Rupert.

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