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The Easiest Booting Ever

Ulong having pulled even thanks to its ass-kicking women, we move to James versus Coby. Coby goes "shove, shove, shove," and James goes right off the side. Man, I'll bet that's not what James thought was going to happen there at all. He'd better look out -- his ass looks ripe for a stomping. Steph and Angie look at each other unhappily.

We close out this first round with Janu and Kim, also known as the battle of the women who didn't bring enough body fat with them. Janu finishes Kim off in about three seconds, unsurprisingly. So now, Koror is up 4-2, and the first team to six points wins, so Ulong needs to get moving.

The second round opens with the rematch of Tom and Bobby Jon. "Come on, Tarzan!" Kim encourages. Don't mock, blondie! His feelings are delicate. Again, Bobby Jon seems to get the early advantage. But this time, it seems to come down to a slight loss of balance on Bobby Jon's part, and Tom totally capitalizes and drives him clean off yet again. So now it's 5-2 Koror.

Next up? The return of Steph and Anonymous Jen. Anonymous Jen has a chance to win it for Koror. Buuuuut...she doesn't. It's a very good battle, and Jen puts up an impressive fight, especially compared to last time. But finally, Steph knocks her down near the edge of the platform, and then is ultimately able to roll her right off. That's 5-3 Koror.

Next up? Gregg versus Ibrehem. This time, Ibrehem puts Gregg in immediately, and Ulong remains alive.

Who's up now? Well, it's Caryn and Avenging Angie. Angie takes about two seconds to dispose of Caryn. Unfortunately, Angie celebrates by screaming, "WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO IMMUNITY-- TRIBAL COUNCIL!" Oh, man. When you step on your own moment like that, it is so painful. I've done it many times, and believe me, being pantsed is much less painful.

Okay, so the final battle will be the one between James and Coby. And...go! Coby proves better at this than I would have predicted, and he winds up getting the best of James, meaning that Koror wins immunity yet again, and Ulong is going to tribal council yet again, and is going to vote someone off yet again, but at least the coconut monkey gets to go home, right? Koror celebrates. Coby and Katie seem to have some kind of claw-making joke between the two of them that I find a little endearing. Angie looks all kinds of sad. Jeff tells Ulong they're about to drop from six to five, and they head back to camp. It sort of seems like they could have skipped the rest of this episode, but they went ahead with it, so I will, too.

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